Tiny Hooves Rescue and Petting Zoo

Texas, United States
Place Types : Nonprofit Organization, Animal Shelter, Petting Zoo
Address : Temple, Texas 76501
Coordinate : 31.09748, -97.34303
Phone : (254) 228-9219
Email :
Rating : 4.80
Social : facebook.com/tinyhoovespettingzoo
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About the Business:

Central Texas 501c3 Non-profit Farm & Exotic animal rescue.
We are volunteer based and offer Mobile Petting zoo's, Educational programs, Animal Therapy session, Nursing home visits, Animal care classes, etc. All proceeds go back to help us care for rescu

What Others Say about this business:

User (26/04/2019 20:56)
Phil brought so much joy, we miss him ❤ If you missed Phil's journey, he lived to be 5 months old and got sheep polio that took him from us. I am so happy I have these videos to look back at, even if they bring tears...they are happy tears! Until we meet again Philly ❤🐑
https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fb id=1609575282474035&id=1025110810920 488

User (25/04/2019 22:20)
Thank you to Elite Therapy for having us out to your No Limitations Easter Event! This was a sensory friendly event that allowed children with disabilities and their family to come and enjoy a day of pure joy & Easter Egg hunt safely! The afternoon was filled with a ton of smiles & laughs! There was one young boy in particular that came in that was missing an ear, our amazing volunteer Donna saw that and pointed out to him that our sheep Van Gough also was missing an ear du...e to a coyote attack... The sweet boy looked up with a huge smile and said we are the same, we both have one ear❤. It was a glorious moment of inspiration to that sweet child. And THAT is why we do, what we do. We rescue animals, a lot having disabilities... So its incredibly important to me for us to be able to share their recovery stories to inspire people and children all over the world. Regardless of your struggle, animals can bring you so much happiness and joy. And I truly believe the animals were super therapeutic to these sweet children & folks.
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User (25/04/2019 19:00)
Sooo everyone knows I spoil my babies... Well, I took my farm truck into the pen to jump off our lawn mower so I could plow and replant the grass and the goats enjoyed it so much I decided to just leave it there for them for a few weeks 😂.... Enjoy the leaves goaties! That truck has survived being hit by an 18 wheeler...a few hoof scratches will be alright 😂❤🐐 #rescuelife #ilovethem #theyownme

User (25/04/2019 18:00)
https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fb id=1741911509208479&id=2995689201094 19

User (24/04/2019 22:59)
Despite all best efforts, sweet baby Tim gained his Tiny wings yesterday afternoon. Tiny Tim was immediately rejected by the nursing mother kitty, she knew he was special too. So he had continued being hand fed. The mother kitty happily accepted the other 3 kittens and they are doing wonderful. RIP Tiny Tim ❤🐈

User (24/04/2019 06:21)
https://www.facebook.com/donate/360749687 880200/?fundraiser_source=external_url

User (24/04/2019 04:29)
Please share and help find Fred the donkey!!! https://www.facebook.com/100003204906828/ posts/2084512594998884/

User (23/04/2019 18:00)
Sweet Phil in the flowers last year. ❤

User (23/04/2019 00:01)
Tiny Tim... Tim is deformed, his back paws are curled and although he gets around fine he is 3x smaller than his siblings. His eyes are open, just odd shaped. He is definitely special, but a blessing. All 4 babies are supposed to be going to meet a 'surrogate' momma kitty this afternoon. If all goes well the mother cat will raise them until they are weaned and we will take them back to get them vetted and find them homes. They are all eating fine as bottle babies, so if the momma cat rejects them they will stay with me and be fed out. 😊 Thank you to the two people who sponsored a kitty, I appreciate y'all!

User (22/04/2019 09:47)
Easter orphan kitty rescues... Their momma was hit by a car last night leaving these sweet babies behind. We usually do not take cats as we specialize in livestock & exotic animals, however we couldn't say no to these little babes. Salem, Bodie, Tim, Emry are their names. If you would like to sponsor one of these kitties for $20 we would appreciate the assistance! This brings me up to 7 bottle babies.... PayPal.me/tinyhoovesrescue
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User (22/04/2019 01:39)
Gizmo enjoying Easter with good food & hard naps 🐇❤🐐 Gizzy is doing better every day but we are still hoping to get him into the vet tomorrow, he is having some fluid build up in his knees we want to have looked at. Rather be safe than sorry, this little guy is a fighter and my lil buddy. #rescuegoat #bottlebaby

User (21/04/2019 21:03)
Happy Easter from our family here at Tiny Hooves! Have a safe, fun day/weekend with your loved ones and continue to stay blessed y'all!

User (21/04/2019 06:32)
Hanging out with Gizmo while Momma is working. 🐐 #goatdaddy #fathersonbonding #rescuegoat

User (19/04/2019 20:17)
Please Share!!! https://www.facebook.com/donate/360749687 880200/?fundraiser_source=external_url PLEASE- Calling out to all of the animal lovers out there! Take a quick look through our page if you have not followed us, we do SO much for animals AND our community. Please help us continue doing so!!! This is the fundraiser I have started for our new rescue facility. We have already put down $2,400 that we raised and I have $1,500 in cash we have recently raised that we plan to ...use towards the slab of concrete that will be poured. We still owe $7,490 on the building alone, and this does not include all of the framing and work that will have to be done to make it a running facility. The cheapest concrete quote we have gotten is still around $4,000 so if you know of a great local slab company willing to help or work with us please send them our way. We are happy to advertise for any company willing to help us get this project completed. My husband has agreed to tackle the construction part of the build to help us cut that cost out which is amazing but we still need a lot of help. If you can donate, EVERY dollar counts and is SO appreciated and can be done through our fundraiser link at the top of this post! ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE, If you would like a receipt PLEASE message me your address for me to send one to! God bless y'all and have a Happy Easter! (PLEASE SHARE❤) 🐴🐰🐐🐏🐶🐔🐹🐦🐢🐖 🐕🐂🐎🐈🐒
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User (19/04/2019 20:06)
We still have 4 wee little neutered male piggies searching for their forever home! If you are interesting in adopting a pig please message us! You MUST live outside of city limits or in a city that allows them, do your research please! These babes range in age, 3 are under 4 months old and 1 is a year old (stunted from illness as a baby) and was never adopted out with our last rescue group and is still here. All are very sweet and would make excellent pets for the right folk...s. Their adoption fee is $150 with completed adoption application (filled out in person). Since these were rescued piggies we can not guarantee sizes but the mothers were around 75-80lbs. These could get well over 100lbs though so its important to be prepared for anything. We encourage adopters to see our adult potbellies as they range in sizes 55lbs-300+lbs and can give you a good visual of what to expect. We do also have several adult potbellies also looking for their forever homes! If you are interested in adopting an ADULT POTBELLY please message us for info on the 4 babes we have available needing amazing forever homes❤🐖.
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User (19/04/2019 07:34)
Tango got a new outside aviary! She still comes inside at night and is only outside on beautiful days but she LOVES it ❤ We still need to fix her shade barrier and add some metal for shade but its getting there! Tango is our rescued Military Macaw whom came to us after being bounced from home to home after her original owner passed away. We've had her over a year now and she has made so much progress. If you would like to donate, we have parrot toys & other items on our Amazo...n wishlist or you can donate directly to our PayPal. PayPal.me/tinyhoovesrescue Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1WQ TDMUNWP8M…
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User (18/04/2019 20:00)
Willie is the best, music legend & animal lover❤ https://themindunleashed.com/…/willie-n elson-rescued-70-hor…

User (18/04/2019 12:31)
Central Texas the storm is HERE, if you have not let your pets inside or secured them DO SO NOW. Up to 70mph winds and LARGE HAIL expected!! Stay safe y'all and keep your pets safe! Say some prayers for your fellow Texans being affected and lets pray for no damage! I will be up all night worried about our babies in the barn.

User (18/04/2019 00:59)
https://www.facebook.com/donate/360749687 880200/?fundraiser_source=external_url Please join me in supporting a great cause! We are raising money for Tiny Hooves Rescue and Petting Zoo for our new animal rescue facility and your contribution will make a huge impact whether you donate $5 or $500. Every single dollar helps us reach our goal! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love & support. I've included information about Tiny Hooves Rescue and Petting Zoo below....
It is our mission at Tiny Hooves Rescue and Petting Zoo to help abused, neglected, injured, disabled and surrendered Farm and Exotic animals in need of a safe place to land. We are a 501c3 Non-Profit organization that is run by volunteers. Each animal that comes to our farm is provided with the proper vet care and rehabilitation so that each critter can thrive happily and healthy. We also teach people how to properly care for, love and respect animals. We visit schools, nursing homes & daycares with our rescued animals as well. In 2018 alone we were able to rescue & rehabilitate over 85 animals. This new facility would allow us to have more room for our supplies and to house more rescues safely and comfortably. Please help us with this burden so we can continue saving lives ❤
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Love Shelby and all she does for any animal! I'm in Vegas and contacted her to care for horse struggling to recover. She was more than willing to help! Even though we never got to that point (he passed) she was amazing. Cares for any animal that comes to her. Her petting zoo is beautiful and all about the animals! Definitely recommend Tiny Hooves to everyone!!

Just had the privilege of meeting this young couple yesterday. So how would a Ballroom & a Pet Rescue cross paths �...well I had a very large real Christmas Tree & needed to get it out of the Ballroom...a mutual friend suggested I contact the Folks at Tiny Hooves Pet Rescue. And boom � it was a great fit - they have animals that will enjoy grazing on the tree �.!

Both Shelby & Steven (sp?) seem like Genuine, Good Hearted, Caring people ....to run a household & be a stay at home Mom is already a full time job ....add taking care of animals in need .....well that is quite commendable task. Steven works to cover basic life needs & expenses for the family & then looks to & tends the animals. Doing something you are passionate about is never easy but very rewarding - I look forward to sharing info for them on events & highly recommend we all help out with whatever resources we have ....skills, talent, donations of foods for the animals or $$ to help them in their endeavors. Karen Keith Owner of

In the Mood Ballroom & Dance Studio

Temple TX ��������

If I could rate this business above 5 stars I would! I have known Shelby my entire life and this girl has always had a love for animals. She has always poured her heart and soul into helping and caring for animals in any way she could. This business has always been a dream of hers and she has gone above and beyond making it come true!! Couldn't be more proud of her!! ��

I've known Shelby (the owner) since I was in middle school. Heck I lived right next door to her farm for years. She grew up with a mother who was passionate about animals. Everytime I was with Shelby we were feeding animals, going to get something for animals, etc. Her mother and Shelby have ALWAYS dedicated their selves to animals. Shelby has further more taken over all of the farm responsibilities since then. Which I know Shelby's was more than happy to do so since the animals are her therapy, passion, and love. I have no doubt that Shelby is giving her all to take the best care of these animals as she can. I highly reccomened Tiny Hooves Rescue and Letting Zoo ��

I used Tiny Hooves for an event at my Mother's Day Out and they were excellent! Shelby was fast to respond to my inquiry and was so professional. Shelby and her mother were great with all the children and helped them learn how to gently pet each animal. I am so thankful for the experience and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone needing a petting zoo. I love that they are a non-profit and that all of their proceeds go directly into animal care. Thank you so much Tiny Hooves!

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