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Idaho, United States
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Address : Ketchum, Idaho 83340
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  • Where is The Nardagani Reading Program?

    The Nardagani Reading Program is a Tutor/Teacher, located at: Ketchum, Idaho 83340.
    State: Idaho
    County: Blaine

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  • What is the phone number of The Nardagani Reading Program?

    You can try to dialing this number: (866) 627-3242 - or find more information on their website:

  • Where are the coordinates of the The Nardagani Reading Program?

    Latitude: 43.6812
    Longitude: -114.372

About the The Nardagani Reading Program Business:

Learn to read and pronounce English in as few as five weeks. Visit www. to watch Narda's TEDxSunValley Talk with over 480, 000 views to date!

Description of The Nardagani Reading Program:

There is a literacy crisis in our country. Thirty million Americans are functionally illiterate (NPR 2103). Sixty to eighty percent of inmates incarcerated in the United States are functionally illiterate (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development).

The ramifications of illiteracy impact many facets of our society. From an economic standpoint, people who are unable to read are frequently unable to gain legal employment or employment above minimum wage. Our over-crowded correctional facilities are filled with people whose life choices are limited by illiteracy. They are challenged by lack of employment opportunities and they are shamed by their secret. The combination of embarrassment, a sense of low self worth, reduced employment options and limited possibilities for personal growth and fulfillment result in frustration, anger and hopelessness.

Nardagani is a simple, innovative program which addresses this huge problem. It was not developed by an educator, but by a mom, Narda Pitkethly. Narda felt helpless when her bright, gifted young daughter, Sadie, struggled to learn to read her own language.

Narda thought back to the time she had resided in Japan in her early 20's. She wanted to be able to speak Japanese. She was advised to first learn to read the language. Amazingly she learned to read Japanese in one week. Two hundred and fifty years ago the Japanese developed a simple coding method called Hiragana. The effect of this system has caused Japan to have the highest literacy rate in the world. The 10, 000 characters in the Japanese language can be easily deciphered using the ancient Hiragana method.

In 2001 a devastating family crisis occurred. Narda's brother, Jay, disappeared. A loving dad, a loving brother and son; he made no contact with his family. Narda battled despair. She believed Jay was alive. . . perhaps disoriented, in a fugue or amnesic state. Jay had been a challenged reader. Narda Wanted to do something big and of value. . . something that would cause Jay to hear of her and find his way back to his family.

She adapted the Hiragana method to English and created Nardagani. The name was inspired by a word which sounded Japanese (think "oragami") and whimsical, but most importantly began with her unique name, "Narda. " She believed Jay would hear of it. Jay would come home.

It wasn't a simple feat, developing a radical new way to teach reading. Narda consulted with reading specialists and challenged readers and tested and refined the program over a period of 11 years.

Nardagani is now being taught to jail inmates. . . in fact it is so successful and simple that inmates are beginning to teach one another to read. Our local school district believed a 12 year old autistic boy, Sven, would never be able to learn to read. Due to his special needs, it took several months, but Sven now reads 4th grade level books, and more importantly he feels empowered and less "disabled. " Dyslexic readers have experienced a sense of mastery over words with Nardagani training. In the summer of 2013 our local school district funded a research study of the program. Teachers are happy to have a simple, effective tool for beginning and challenged readers.

Quietly and discretely adults have come to us with their burden of illiteracy requesting private sessions. Now they are reading.

Parents, educators and many others can learn to teach Nardagani by watching a 25 minute video. They can then literally read, word for word, the simple Teaching Script. Students of any age can learn to read in 4 lessons. Very young learners and people with exceptional learning challenges may take a bit longer.

Ten years after Narda's brother, Jay, disappeared, and on the same day she completed the Nardagani website, Narda received a call from the Blaine County Sheriff's Department in Hailey, Idaho, where Jay had disappeared. His remains had been discovered by a local hunter.

Sadie is a junior in college and an avid reader.

There is a solution to the literacy crisis. Challenged readers can learn to read. Following the 4th lesson, most students are competent and fully prepared to teach the next challenged reader: "Each one teach one. " Illiteracy can be eradicated.

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What Others Say about The Nardagani Reading Program:

Facebook Admin (23/07/2019 23:05)
Narda Pitkethly, the founder of Nardagani, recognized signs of her daughter’s challenged reading in the first grade. By 2005, she had devoted herself full-time to the development of the Nardagani Reading Program and was committed to helping other students like her daughter. Testing, research, and plenty of success stories have followed her for almost fifteen years, surrounded by a vibrant community of readers from all ages and backgrounds.
Click below to view Narda’s TEDx Talk and learn more about how Nardagani works.

Facebook Admin (23/07/2019 01:52)
Our local newspaper (The Idaho Mountain Express) wrote a terrific article about how we help struggling readers!…/article_263 19298-9930-11e9-b175…

Facebook Admin (18/07/2019 23:05)
Nardagani is about more than just reading comprehension. It’s about improving student self esteem and confidence. So many of our students finish our course and have discovered a newfound excitement and interest in reading.
“I teach English to local Hispanics who do not speak English, or have a limited ability to speak English,” says one of our Nardagani teachers. “With Nardagani, I have the tools to teach people faster. Students can learn to read and correctly pronounce words in only four lessons. Once they feel confident pronouncing the words, they quickly learn more vocabulary and learn to speak the language with a clear accent. When I was learning English, it was boring. When I teach with Nardagani, the students are excited!”
Our online program is now available at Click below to get started and join the growing community of Nardagani readers.
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Facebook Admin (16/07/2019 22:50)
Growing up in Lima, Fabio moved to Idaho without the skills he needed as an English speaker. “When I came to this country, I found myself very frustrated,” he says. “Nardagani changed my life because it helped me pronounce words.” After completing our program, Fabio began reading at night—just for fun. Now, he has the confidence to engage with customers, greet his boss, and help teach other struggling English speakers.

Facebook Admin (11/07/2019 22:55)
“I’ve been able to pronounce words in a better way, and I’m able to teach other people with this program,” says Jose, a past Nardagani student. Our program has helped him teach his restaurant employees how to read the language and connect with English-speaking customers. dM

Facebook Admin (09/07/2019 23:03)
“It was a wonderfully simplified method of learning, not just to read, but to improve on one’s pronunciation skills,” says one of our teachers, “This is so similar to learning other languages. I taught two girls last night and listened to their skills increase in just one hour.”
Traditional reading methods have failed us. 25% of the U.S. population cannot learn to read with the current method of teaching. Our program’s simplicity is its biggest strength.
Click below to purch...ase our online reading program now.
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Facebook Admin (04/07/2019 23:03)
As a young boy, Kyler often struggled to read. He was eager to find “adventure” in the stories and books around him.
“We tried a whole bunch of programs and nothing really helped me read,” says Kyler, now a successful Nardagani student. After his mother purchased the program, she noticed that Nardagani’s unique symbol-based approach finally “clicked” for her son.
“Nardagani has helped Kyler to become a better reader and I don’t have to worry so much as a mother for his,” she says.
Learn more about Kyler’s story below.
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Facebook Admin (02/07/2019 23:02)
“Jody Braun looked at the three students in front of him and sighed. The students were eighth- and seventh­-graders but they read just 20 to 30 words a minute—first­-grade reading level.
‘Most of them had gravitated toward comic books—anything with lots of pictures,’ the special-education reading teacher recalled. ‘Reading was a chore for them. They were sight word readers who made significant errors when trying to guess at words they hadn’t memorized. They even struggled sa...ying the sounds.’
Desperate to try something new, Braun introduced the Nardagani reading program to them. He worked with them twice a week for 45 minutes each time. Outside of class, they practiced with reading buddies.”
Want to read the full story? Click below to visit the Nardagani blog.…/students-te aching-students-by-k…
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Facebook Admin (27/06/2019 22:45)
Sven is one of our favorite Nardagani Program “graduates.” After receiving a call from Sven’s grandmother, Narda was eager to see how her program might help his reading abilities improve.
“My grandson is 12 years old, autistic and cannot read,” she said, “His teachers say he may never learn to read. It would be a miracle if you could teach him...”
Turns out, Nardagani was that miracle. After several months of practice, Sven’s reading skills improved to nearly match his grade... level—it was a massive accomplishment.
In the years that followed, Sven has learned to love reading. As a junior in high school, Sven became a proud member of the National Honor Society of America.
Click the link below to learn more about Sven’s story. cQ
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Facebook Admin (25/06/2019 23:05)
After discovering her young daughter struggled with learning how to read, Narda Pitkethly set out to challenge traditional teaching methods. Years later, she founded Nardagani.
The program’s strength is in its simplicity. Inspired by a Japanese teaching method known as Hiragana, Narda created 12 simple symbols to easily teach students the connection between the sound and the written letter or word. The symbols live under the letters that make more than one sound so you can at a glance how to properly pronounce it the first time, no more guessing.
Every day, Nardagani is helping bring newfound confidence and excitement to students across the world. To learn more about the program’s history and Narda’s story, view the full TEDx video below. ue=1&v=l0o3uKaEZcM
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Facebook Admin (20/06/2019 23:10)
Nardagani is about more than just tackling reading or comprehension challenges. It’s about improving student self esteem and confidence. Many of our readers finish our program with a new sense of pride and excitement for learning.
One of our students, Shelby, explains how Nardagani changed her outlook on reading. “It boosted my confidence,” she says, “it made me feel excited about going out and teaching people how to read better. It showed me that with a little practice it’s... not hard to learn at all, which provides hope. This is something that could touch the lives of many people. It’s a way to simplify such a difficult language and make more people feel confident.”
Our online program is now available at Click below to get started and join the growing community of Nardagani readers
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Facebook Admin (18/06/2019 23:02)
“I had a very easy time learning to teach Nardagani,” says teacher Jill Stevenson. “Once you watch the video, you...can immediately teach a student and it is perfectly successful.”
Jill has enjoyed teaching Nardagani and has loved seeing the transformations of her students. “It’s a great thing to see a student succeed,” says Jill, “you see them move from the dark to the light.”
Click below to watch Jill’s full video.
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Facebook Admin (13/06/2019 23:05)
Challenged readers come from many different backgrounds and a wide variety of ages. While there may not be a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to reading, we designed our program to fit the needs of almost any student—whether they’re 4 or 84 years old.
“A Mom Finds Hope” is one of our favorite Nardagani stories, featuring both mother and son using our program. Read the full blog post below.…/a-mom-finds -hope-by-mike-mckenna

Facebook Admin (12/06/2019 23:45)
Say hello to Natalia! 👋 Natalia is from the UK. She is a challenged reader and learning to read Nardagani with her tutor. Before our program, she was reading at a first-grade level. Six weeks later, she officially tested two grade levels higher! If your child struggles with reading Nardagani may be able to help. Visit us at to learn more, and leave your questions in the comments!

Facebook Admin (11/06/2019 22:50)
Meet Annette Wall.
Annette took part in Nardagani’s early teacher research study and worked closely with several of the program’s students.
Her excitement for the program continued to grow after seeing her students excel and continuously improve with the help of Nardagani. Not only did her readers continue to succeed, but they also began teaching other students the program while learning alongside one another.
... View Annette’s heartfelt video below. UM
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Facebook Admin (10/06/2019 23:25)
“This was an outstanding class. It was nothing like I expected. This is a fabulous system. I am so happy I came. I can’t believe I was given this opportunity. It always helps your self-esteem to be able to read better. The benefits this program can offer many people is endless. This is a program that can change so many lives.”⠀ 12 simple symbols have empowered an entire community of Nardagani students. What will your child do with their newfound love of reading? 📘⠀ Get started today at

Facebook Admin (07/06/2019 23:45)
If you're interested in helping a challenged reader learn Nardagani, you can easily become a tutor. We include a three-hour interactive teacher training in the Nardagani online program, so you can support your child, friend, sibling, or student in the five-week course. It's that easy!

Facebook Admin (24/05/2019 03:28)
Now Available! Nardagani Online Program for Challenged Readers and ESL students alike.
Meet Narda Pitkethly, the founder of Nardagani.
After college, Narda lived in Japan and learned to read Japanese in a week using the Hiragana system. Years later, she returned to the United States and started a family. Narda noticed her daughter faced reading challenges in the first grade, prompting Narda to embark on a decade-long quest to adapt Hiragana to English.
... Today we are excited to announce the launch of Nardagani’s online reading program. You can purchase the program directly at
Click below to view Narda’s TEDx Talk and learn more about how Nardagani works. ue=1&v=l0o3uKaEZcM
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