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Address : 6987 Friars Rd, San Diego, CA 92108, USA
Coordinate : 32.7668773, -117.1695431
Phone : +1 619-291-6050
Email :
Rating : 4.20
Website : stores.jcpenney.com/ca /sandiego /clothing-stores-..
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is JCPenney?

    JCPenney is a Department Store, located at: 6987 Friars Rd, San Diego, CA 92108, USA.
    State: California
    County: San Diego

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  • What is the phone number of JCPenney?

    You can try to dialing this number: +1 619-291-6050 - or find more information on their website: stores.jcpenney.com/ca /sandiego /clothing-stores-..

  • Where are the coordinates of the JCPenney?

    Latitude: 32.7668773
    Longitude: -117.1695431


JCPenney - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipO7PkUEBfeWV89DVIIQ4R8RXyutXCUol5Z8K6qA=s1600-w400 JCPenney - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipOduW3GtRAYYPSNYHd6pnXU_vfpdxOXJlkVtFfr=s1600-w400 JCPenney - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipOcqwFIO3Y9Q0lFNj34FkVqnux-GlljY3JUz1_n=s1600-w400 JCPenney - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipMY2ofvca326Nf508QlkSope7auSv59n4qHk-Vd=s1600-w400 JCPenney - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipN_5Ul85gqvXjy2pGBxFj_859NnwDd5F3n-8GQG=s1600-w400 JCPenney - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipOmHKjElWCsd4PuVmIKnVc4qpxSYtAoLKcvNJWa=s1600-w400 JCPenney - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipMHLOycBNAohwvB6h5GweWdY06Pq5jEQ01tb9xI=s1600-w400

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What Other Say:

User (14/01/2020 19:06)
It is a big store and enjoyed moving n looking the stuff pn display. Great deals.
JCPenney is one of the nation’s largest apparel and home furnishing retailers. Since 1902, we’ve been dedicated to providing our customers with unparalleled style, quality and value. Visit our JCPenney Department Store in San Diego, CA and discover a wide assortment of national, private and exclusive brands to fit all shapes, sizes, colors and wallets."

User (06/01/2020 06:55)
Been coming here for years and still enjoy shopping here. A few more cashiers would be nice, but other than that. Good job on sales.

User (03/01/2020 04:12)
The store was better with the Christmas holiday out of the way.
Found some good shirts and jackets at very nice discounted prices. Good quality items.

User (13/12/2019 12:33)
EXCELLENT deals. They have more women's clothes than I have ever seen anywhere in my life. I have been to Penny's many times but never really walked the whole floor. The women's clothing just kept going and going and going. I was amazed. Penny's really does offer amazing deals.

User (22/02/2019 02:38)
Good stuff. Good variety. Awesome deals on awesome stuff not the old stuff. Loved the store would like to go again. Store recommended.

User (26/11/2017 04:41)
Even though I missed Black Friday as usual, I did alright today on shoes and shirts, and JCPenneys never have slacks of any kind for tall lanky giraffes like me, I already knew that! Thank you Lord very much so for me to be able to breathe and buy anything!

User (17/11/2017 03:25)
I gave your poor store five star because you have one Assosicate who drives to be the best , is her i come to your store . She knows how to bring back loyal customers and make them happy. I'm surprised that she is not LOD !! All your LOD are bad!! Except Santinos he is the best .. Rosanna from the start was and has been super efficient and knowledgeable I love shopping here at JCPennys fashion valley. I know Rosanna for two yrs . Those two yrs she was and still is the best Assosicate every helpful kind sweet smiles and she knows my name .

User (08/11/2017 03:19)
I had not been to this JCPenney's in many many years. Excellent customer service got what I needed and It was on sale. Awesome 👍 visit.

User (07/11/2017 03:33)
The Customer Service check out personnel were great and very helpful. But the store itself was filthy!! There was dust/dirt everywhere, and the carpets needed to be vacuumed! The changing rooms were also a disaster, extremely dirty that I was afraid to take off my shoes in order to try on pants. I rarely shop at JC Penney and this just did it, I won't be coming back again!

User (18/09/2017 04:33)
Night person told us 3 different prices $80/90/100 he could not make up his mind as to what he wanted to change us for the room. We asked for extra blankets night clerk said no the storage is locked and he didn't have a key. But than he gave us a blanket. Next he did not let us know we could come down for Continenal breakfast. Our room 216 smelled bathroom had several burnt mark on the Tube toilet seat was not even. Only one towel set the vent to air conditioner was nast dirty. The frond desk clerk of this Travel log show no integrity towards customer.

User (20/08/2017 08:34)
Great sale got 2 big and tall shirts for husband killer prices can't be it!

User (17/08/2017 16:41)
I love JC Penney. I have been going there for years. They have great sales and items. They carry all sizes when comes to clothing, accessories, and many more items.

User (07/08/2017 02:40)
Huge space. Large selection. Friendly staff. No AC? Seemed warm inside. Long wait for checkout.

User (04/08/2017 09:07)
When I went into JCPenney's I happen to buy two blouses. They were on sale. And as she rang them up and was done I said to her is there any discounts or coupons you didn't say anything. And she said oh yes we have a coupon that if you spend $25 you get $10 off. That's why don't you tell me before I bought the two blouses. And the response was the store JCPenney's does not want them to even say about the coupons or discounts unless you ask. I was very disappointed in the store and the employee themselves told me about it. They do everything to avoid paying extra discounts by keeping their help mute..
The situation bothered me so much but I have decided to take back all three items because I did buy something else and it made them return it and give me the discount. And you had to get the discount by going on your phone and going to the JCPenney website to get it ...the salesgirl showed me how to do it..
I'm sad that it has come to this. Such dishonesty. So I warned everyone that chops in JCPenney about what they're doing. Ask for all discounts ahead of time check on your phone for discounts that are on their website as well. I hope this helps in the future

User (16/09/2016 09:01)
Good selection and clean. Always a line to check out though.

User (27/08/2016 03:44)
The worst customer service I dare anyone try calling this store only robots run it I have tried calling 5 times no one will pick in an department I need a bed frame a king Maybe Macy or better yet Walmart they always answer Jc no wonder your going down hill i v just spent close to 2000 dollars with you and I can't get anyone to pick up your to spend another 500 ? What's wrong with picture

User (11/07/2016 03:39)
No air conditioning and messy piles of clothes are all over the place. Employees don't seem to care about the mess or the long lines of customers.

User (15/05/2016 07:48)
I don't come in here much because it usually looks cheap and trashy.However I was looking for a warm up training track suit and had looked at Macy's,Dick's Sporting Goods,Target,Sports Chalet,Amazon online and they didn't have what I wanted or they wanted a king's ransom for it.Penny's had exactly what I wanted in the store at the right price.And no generic no name either,we're talking Nike and well made in Vietnam.The store even looked way better than I remember and the staff seemed a bit cheerier.It was a very happy shopping experience.

User (28/04/2016 10:38)
Very large store located in the prestigious Fashion Valley Mall. The 2 floor store now sells appliances as well. We were able to get a good deal thanks to coupons we had. While the Mall parking lot tend to be very busy, the parking lot at the end of Penney's is always empty.

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