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Coordinate : 33.9124951, -118.3029618
Phone : (877) 427-2067
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Rating : 4.60
Social : facebook.com/headblade
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Website : www.HeadBlade.com
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Monday: 08:30 - 18:00
Tuesday: 08:30 - 18:00
Wednesday: 08:30 - 18:00
Thursday: 08:30 - 18:00
Friday: 08:30 - 18:00
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About the Business:

Our NEW HeadBlade MOTO razor is the fastest /easiest /best way to shave your head! Dedicated to headshavers since '99. Full headcare line @ www. HeadBlade.com

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User (12/04/2019 04:41)
HeadShed on sale for $1! Limit two per person. Now through Friday at 5pm PST. You MUST use CODE "HELLOSHED" to get discount (there is a drop-down menu during checkout on the 'credit card' page). Order now!
http://www.headblade.com/product/153001.h tml

User (11/04/2019 06:01)
Do you have a shaving schedule? How often do you shave your head? Are you a consistent shaver (every 3 days)? . Let us know in the comments below! . #headblader #headshaver #moto #headslick #headblade #mensfashion #menshair

User (09/04/2019 06:11)
Check out our new blog post on the HeadBlade website right now! Please share it with your friends ;) . "Here is what your shaving routine should look like" . #headshaver #headblade #headblader #moto #skullshaver #shaving
... http://www.headblade.com/blog/shaving-rou tine/
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User (06/04/2019 05:39)
http://www.headblade.com/product/502045.h tml
HB2's are now on the site! Ten blades for $10! In the short term they will be shipped in bags and without the caliper (save your caliper from your HB3). Full production starts in June.
These blades are ONLY for use with the HeadBlade Classic and the HeadBlade Sport (and S4 Lunar Eclipse). All other models (ATX/MOTO/S4 MOTO) use the newer blade designs (HB4/HB6).
... Have a great weekend!
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User (06/04/2019 05:39)
Walking around with your freshly shaven head, you’re bound to get questions from people curious about your shaving routine. What are some of those questions people ask you? Please share in the comments below! . #headblade #headshaver #headblader #razor #humor #menfashion

User (04/04/2019 05:45)
Shaving your head is more than a necessity. It is a choice! . Shaving your head has become a respectable and dignified way to manage the follicular recession that is genetically inevitable for so many. . If you’ve been spending more time shopping for hats lately or have considered trying out some volumizing shampoo, perhaps it’s time to face the facts and consider embracing the inevitable with style. #headblade #headshaver #headrazor #hairloss #headbladers

User (02/04/2019 06:28)
We love hearing from the experienced HeadBladers out there. Any advice for new head shavers joining the community? Any tips and tricks? . Tip #1: Shave post-shower. Hair will be at its softest as you come out the shower. . #headblade #headshaver #headblader

User (30/03/2019 07:00)
Great news for those of you who loved the original HB2's! Our best priced blade (works with the Classic and Sport models). We'll have stock in the next two weeks. HB3 is discontinued (though some still exist on Amazon..so snatch those up). Read the blog to get all the details.

User (30/03/2019 06:21)
Male pattern baldness can be a problem. Instead of spending money on expensive procedures that may or may not work, spend it on a LE MOTO Midnight razor. Join the growing community of HeadBladers who have made the decision of shaving the dome for good! . #headbladers #headblade #headshaver #barber #razor #moto

User (28/03/2019 07:11)
Thank you all for your responses on our last post! The HeadBlade Family is strong and growing quickly. . We would love to grow our head shaving community to others around the world. . Help us by tagging a friend or sharing this post! #headbladers #headshaver #headblade

User (27/03/2019 06:53)
What do you find best about being bald? . People need to hear this side of the story! #headblade #headslick #headshaver #baldman

User (24/03/2019 05:17)
Many tend to leave the razor in the shower, which is not a good practice. • The damp, dewy environment causes the blade to rust faster – and become vulnerable to more bacteria. So make a conscious effort to store your razor in a clean and dry place. • #headblade #headshaver #razors #motorazor #travel #headrazors

User (21/03/2019 10:11)
Every man is known for his tools. The quality of his work is dependent on the quality of them. - You deserve the best shaving experience possible. - #headblade #headblader #shavingcream #headslick #headshaver #bebald #shavingeoutine

User (21/03/2019 04:12)
Make sure to watch Bellator 218 as HeadBlader Linton Vassell is the co-main event!

User (19/03/2019 06:49)
Shaving myth #1
Pressing hard against your skin can cause you to cut yourself. If a few hairs remain, go over them again but avoid shaving over the same spot over and over as it can cause irritation. Your skin's health is far more important than rusty old blades.
... Do you agree this is a myth?
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User (16/03/2019 03:42)
We have a HeadBlade LE Police Dept. MOTO Razor because we believe in the men and women in blue keeping out streets safe every day. Thank you for your service.
#police #thinblueline #headblade #headblader

User (15/03/2019 05:39)
Men need to moisturize!
Where do you start with so many options?
Moisturizers are proven to help treat dry, damaged skin and improve skin texture. Maintaining a good moisturizing regimen will make you more comfortable, and it will also make you look better because nobody looks their best with skin that is dry and flaky.

User (12/03/2019 06:17)
Everyone has a shaving routine. What HeadBlade products do you use in your routine? Let us know in the comments below!
#headblader #headblade #shavingeoutine #headslick

Very close shave with no razor burn or irritation that I was getting with my old traditional razor.... will be a customer for life

To my bald brothers- Headblade is amazing. It's one of those inventions that is so simple and obvious that it surprises me it hasn't been thought of before. A truly revolutionary design.

The best bald head care products I have ever had!!!! I would recommend this to anyone who is bald.

Since 2004 HB is my choice to groom and be smooth !

Highest quality of products and the unique designed razor is the real deal !

Just used mine for the first time. It def cuts the time shaving my head in half and got a real close shave. Highly recommended! !

Im 55 and never used anything but an electric razor. Shaved my head and had to use a razor to finish. I saw your product on YouTube and bought it. What a great thing. Not a nick and I was scared to death to use any razor. Headblade was so easy and smooth. Every man should get this.

I recently bought the ATX headblade, the slick, & the lube. I am very satisfied with it, very close shave.

Honestly some of the best products balding men, looking for a clean look can use, if not THE best.

If you're unimpressed by the blades, the various creams, lotions and ESPECIALLY the ClearHead will more than make up for it! These ARE the best products you can throw on your dome during and after a shave with a HeadBlade, or other blade of your choosing. For me, I personally use the Gillette Fusion ProGlide AND the HeadBlade. Depending on how I'm feeling that day, I'll go back and forth between the two just for a little variety. My HeadBlade ATX always wins as a handle. But, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect blade... The 6 blade cartridges from good ole HeadBlade is next in my list.

I will admit, shaving with the HeadBlade took a bit of getting used to. Everyone has to find their own technique, but, once you do, you're guaranteed a smooth and damage free shave every time. HeadBlade all around makes the epitome of head shaving and head care products. Buy now, and buy often!

By far the best head shaver I've ever used!

Better shave then a razor. Faster and way cheaper then the More expensive blades I can't wait to get my hands on the shark model

Been using the headblade for about 3 years. It works great.

As a Celebrity Fitness Chef my head must be super smooth and free of cuts and razor burn at all times. If you found a hair in your food, it wasn't mine! I use and recommend the HeadBlade! It's the greatest shaver in the World, Period!

Thom Zwawa

Just got my ATX kit with the 4-blade cartridges and 5oz bottle of HeadSlick in the mail today. Up till now I was a clipper shaver. Close, but not blade close. Tonight I tried shaving the old noggin with the ATX. Although it was easy to use, I will need time to develop a good technique for this. Overall, the product fully lived up to my expectations! I would definitely recommend the HeadBlade ATX!!! HeadSlick is awesome too! A little goes a long way!!

Their product is good, but only with their blades and they are expensive.

The cheaper blades that you can use don't work so well.

I like all( what's available for me to get where I live) their products but I've never got a smooth, clean shave with just the ATX. I'm usually having to use it in combination with another razor. I really like using the ATX bc of its ease in use and if I could only get a better shave from it I'd love it.

I have not used headblade i am skeptical about it but im looking for that 1 good razor the last more than 3 shaves. I may give you guys a try the reviews look good.

I got the 4 blade $6 deal & I shave my head. Honestly one of the cheapest crappiest blades that I have used. It takes twice as long to shave my head. Back to Gillette for me......

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