Folsom Constructing LLC (Permanently Closed)

Florida, United States
Place Types : Roofing Contractor, General Contractor
Address : 1148 Winfield Forest Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32317, USA
Coordinate : 30.470253, -84.096123
Phone : +1 850-270-1048
Email :
Rating : 3.80
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What Others Say about this business:

User (10/07/2017 04:40)
This place either closed or moved to a new location because the address is wrong.

User (12/05/2017 08:27)
Can't recommend roofer and crew highly enough. Reasonably priced, no hidden costs, left job site clean.
Honest, fast workers. Even left house for them unlocked.
No worries, no muss, no fuss.
Just fast, diligent, quiet work.
And this was a baaaad roof. Now leak free!!

User (02/08/2013 19:12)
I contracted with Folsom Constructing LLC to replace my roof and repair several places on my siding. They were all smiles and everything was no problem - then the work started. Trash and debris from the roof was everywhere and they never cleaned it up. I asked for the debris to be cleaned up and it never was - all I got was promises which turned out to be lies when I questioned whether anything had been cleaned up or not.

The workmanship was extremely shoddy. The kick-outs at the corners of the roof were not installed properly (instead of being placed under the siding to deflect the water - the kick-outs were just put on TOP of the siding, which does nothing to protect the siding and prevent erosion). They used un-paintable silicone sealant on exterior siding which is an unforgivable error. Cracked siding and damaged wood was used and insanely large gaps were left between boards. I could go on and on about the bad workmanship, but even worse was when I questioned Edgar Folsom about the quality of the work - he became physically threatening and abusive. Suddenly Folsom Constructing LLC was not a siding repair company and it was MY fault I had asked them to do that work. Edgar Folsom and Folsom Constructing LLC were not responsible and would do nothing to correct the shoddy workmanship because I should have known they were not qualified to do the work.

The last thing you need to know about Edgar Folsom and Folsom Constructing LLC is that Edgar Folsom is NOT licensed to do roofing (or any other kind) of construction. His wife is the one who is licensed by the state of Florida to own a construction business. This was something I learned while investigating the option of suing Folsom Constructing LLC for the $1100.00 it cost me to get the work they had done - redone correctly by a legitimate construction company.

When Folsom Constructing LLC guarantees their work, it means they guarantee to absolutely NOT come back and resolve any issues or stand behind their work. I picked up rusty nails, roofing nails, and razor sharp metal trimmings for weeks after they finally left - and I was seriously happy to see them go. Having Edgar Folsom and his wife's company work on my house was an absolute nightmare I would NEVER wish on anyone!! What a waste of time and money for a job which had to be redone by a real construction firm!!!

User (03/07/2007 20:13)
Mr Folsom has always been quick to respond to a service call or a request for quote. I was referred to Folsom by a property management company who uses them a lot. Their prices are very fair, and their work is backed up by a guarantee. They are worth a call on your next project.

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