ARS / Rescue Rooter Tampa Bay

Florida, United States
Place Types : Plumber, General Contractor
Address : 3340 N. Scherer Drive, Suites A&B, St. Petersburg, FL 33716, USA
Coordinate : 27.8848239, -82.6774475
Phone : +1 727-588-4200
Email :
Rating : 4.10
Website :
Opening Hours :
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
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What Others Say About This Business:

User (11/11/2017 05:49)
AL and Terry both worked on installing our new Carrier HVAC system. They were both very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and courteous.
They worked well together as a team and we were very pleased with their quality of work. They were both reliable and dependable every day doing a difficult install. We highly recommend them!

User (10/11/2017 05:40)
Adonay is very knowledge and helpful. He explained everything to me as to what he was doing with my A/C unit. I was very impressed with his knowledge of my system and he answered all of my questions.

User (02/11/2017 04:40)
I had a 1/2" copper pipe elbow with a small leak and called ARS. After waiting almost 5 hours for them to arrive, instead of repairing with copper, they replaced the copper pipe with PVC using sharkbite connectors, and replaced the copper valve with a PVC valve. I had already dug the hole and cleared the area, so it took the plumber just less than 30 minutes to complete the work. The bill was an astounding $405. The parts they used would be less than $25 at Home Depot, so ARS basically charged me $370 in labor for 30 minutes of work. That is a billing rate of over $700 per hour. I will definitely not use this company again, and would not recommend you do either.

User (22/10/2017 07:41)
Adonay was very thorough and informative on the service he was providing on my ac unit. I especially like his professionalism and respect for my home. He made sure I was with him every step of the way and took time to explain what he was looking for and what I as a homeowner should look for to ensure the unit performs with maximum proficiency. I also liked how he recommended things and not forced products on us. I would definitely request him and ARS in the future.

User (29/08/2017 22:23)
I have NEVER written the type of review that I am about to write now for this company. On original install of my AC I was told 1 day and done, 1 day turned into 3, still that wasn't the worst part. The worst part is when you do the annual service, AC tune up check. I paid $7,500 for my AC in 2014, so there should be nothing wrong except for a check to make sure everything is up to optimal performance and running smooth, right? Wrong!!! In 2015 I had to have a tech come back a couple of times, in 2016 I had to call for a few times afterwards for a tech. This year I have had several calls. My initial tech came back twice. The second time he said that I had needed this ultraviolet light installed and the cost was between $750-$800. I said if that is what is going to fix it, fix it. I have since then had 5 different techs come to my home. One said I needed a flush and Freon and charged me over $200. Then I had no AC at all it "froze up" according to the new tech, He said it was by the other tech putting in too much Freon. So I called to complain. I also had a water mark on my ceiling surrounding my vent. I called to complain and the Supervisor had taken off the charge from the $200 charge for the Freon. Why thank you kind Sir, you did me a favor? No, it was because the following techs service wasn't needed, the 2 techs that showed up afterwards had to drain it, and then wait for it to read normal limits. So I now think the issue is resolved now.I called the Supervisor Jarrod, Gerard, or whatever his name was... no call back. I then found out from Home Depot to call Angela, I called her on a Thursday, she said she would call me back on Friday, or Monday the latest. I never heard from her. I waited a full week and called her back on a Monday. I just want a credit for this UV light that wasn't my issue from the get go. Come and get it, and take it off my charge. Plus, send someone to paint this little water mark damage at the vent. I came home yesterday to a puddle of water under my vent, and I called for a tech to come out. Part of the AC check tune up is to check and drain the pan. My pan was NEVER drained after several techs coming out to fix my system!!! Why? That is part of your job. I have been charged money for things that wasn't even needed. I don't know why I keep using them, except for the fact that I assumed that they were competent since they were the one's whom installed my AC. Every Tech is polite I admit, courteous, yes, competent I will have to say NO, or I would not be waiting for the 7TH Tech to come into my home yet again, and then wait for the 4 hour window that has been several hours as well. I think there is always a new Tech because this Company is all about the dollar and get Techs fresh out of school for minimal pay so the Company can make major pay for themselves. I have been charged for services and equipment that wasn't needed, inconvenienced to the max, and now water damaged from a pan that over filled and leaked over. My AC was paid off within 6 months so its not like I am trying to get something for free. I just think that this Company and its employee's should be accountable for their "repairs". I seriously doubt that I will ever get satisfaction and be made whole by this Company without turning them into the BBB and a few other regulators of the State until I am satisfied. Be accountable for your work, service and your Techs.If you get things done right the first time, there should be no issue, even the second time, but several times and over charging for equipment that is not needed is seriously bad business, so therefore you deserve the bad review. Why should I have invested $800 for services, 7 Techs, and umpteen hours of my time waiting for the 4 hour window, followed by waiting umpteen hours for each Techs "repairs"?

User (19/08/2017 08:29)
Olsi was phenomenal. Arrived extremely quick. Diagnosed quickly while sharing knowledge at the same time. Very professional, courteous, friendly, and efficient. This was my first time using an air conditioning company and I was quite hesitant but Olsi was phenomenal and I would recommend him and his company to anyone that has air conditioning needs, whether it is just maintenance or an emergency.

User (15/08/2017 08:02)
Great service! Diagnosed the problem with my a/c unit within minutes. Explained everything he was going to do. Very efficient and quick. Thank you so much!!! Olsi you ROCK!!!!!!

User (26/05/2017 07:09)
Mike was very professional, courteous, and friendly. He explained several things to me as well as answered any questions I had. Even though my AC was in good condition mechanically, he thought it important enough to explain about the possibility of looking into getting surge protectors installed to help keep my AC operating in case of a lightening strike or power surge. Wonderful person to have on your team.

User (19/05/2017 03:13)
Great job by Andreas! He recommended a good cleaning for my inside AC unit which helped tremendously. After being hot for a few days, the whole house was cool and reached the desired temperature 15-20 minutes after he was done and the system was turned back on. It was a lot of tough work on a hot day but Andreas did it with a smile.

User (15/12/2016 05:39)
They arrived a little early, that's good, vere very professional and courteous. They respected our property, explained what they were doing and the installation went great. It was our pleasure to have these two do our installation. Great job guys.

User (23/11/2016 18:01)
Jason, was very Profesional and courteous. He explained everything that he was going to check, after he performed the analysis on air conditioner he again explained everything to my Husband and I.
I highly recomend Jason. Mj

User (29/09/2016 22:40)
The entire team from repair/estimate/installation/setup for payment was all a 5 star. They made it very easy and simple for myself. The people were
all very pleasant and helpful answered all my questions and more. I would recommend them anyday to anyone.

User (30/06/2016 05:38)
Both Shawn and Al did an outstanding job installing my air conditioner and heat pump. They worked diligently for about five hours. They cleaned up after themselves of any packing material. They explained the use of the thermostat and went over all the maintenance papers.

User (22/03/2016 02:24)
The techs (Phil P and Sergio S) arrived on time and communicated with me before arriving to let me know exactly what time they would be there. They were both friendly and courteous. They worked non stop and seem to complement each other well. The install took quite a while but throughout the entire process they remained competent and professional. As far as the installation goes, I am happy.
My only con, is that were supposed to get a visit from someone in the company after a few days or a couple of weeks, to check on things. It's been 2 months and we have not had this visit.
I should also mention that the initial visits by Patrick O, were timely and professional.
Overall though, I highly recommend these 2 technicians ( Phil and Sergio) and if my other system goes out, I will be requesting the same 2 guys.

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