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Place Types : Artist, Musician/Band
Address : 256 Kampala, Uganda
Coordinate : 0.266865503733, 32.596119517
Phone : +256789473525
Email :
Rating : 5.00
Social : facebook.com/936081069783586
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is SHAKI RYMES?

    SHAKI RYMES is located at: 256 Kampala, Uganda.

  • What is the phone number of SHAKI RYMES?

    You can try to dialing this number: +256789473525

  • Where are the coordinates of the SHAKI RYMES?

    Latitude: 0.266865503733
    Longitude: 32.596119517

About the Business:

Shaki Rymes is Africa's Music Artist Singer Songwriter Actress and Women Activist. For booking Tel. 0789473525 / 0708127205 Email transafromusic@gmail.com


Transafro Music we are a Kampala based entertainment company that specialise in Music promotion, artists management & events (nightclub) promotions.

What Other Say:

User (05/07/2018 23:29)
@Kasangati people @Gayaza people @Mpererwe people @kanyanya people Don't miss Transafro music every friday along side dj Ronnie and mc high tower

User (04/07/2018 21:51)
http://youtu.be/jTkoKcMiEYAKYENETAAGA BY MAN RAPPER & EDENENZOyoutube.com

User (04/07/2018 21:49)

User (03/07/2018 19:36)
Follow our soundcloud page for our lately music https://soundcloud.com/transafromusic

User (03/07/2018 14:04)

User (28/06/2018 13:54)
#Team #work makes everytin easy #fire boys @Edenenzo @meld @Man rapper... @Iphone
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User (26/06/2018 21:55)

User (12/06/2018 15:50)
Less talking but alot of action
#slow but sure- audio droping next week..if u ready fo it type #Fire @Club bang ting @Dj shiru,Dj fik,Dj Mercy pro,Dj Roja,Dj little,Dj Jemo.......

User (11/06/2018 13:09)
#Blessed new week to yall

User (04/06/2018 00:08)
Transafro music soldier
#We are dropin fire soon

User (28/05/2018 16:10)
We are surprising our fans with a big collabo soon
#African star on this one #Fire dede

User (20/05/2018 20:17)
#We droping a new video and audio soon,Get ready for another fireūüĒ•ūüĒ•

User (07/05/2018 17:45)
what is in #store is better than whats already out #Onkyamula
#Big up to real fans

User (06/05/2018 18:51)
About yesterday on #star Tv uganda #Talking bout our music journey
#We are transafro music #New video loading don't miss

User (03/05/2018 17:16)
#If there is no struggle there is no success #Onkyamula still trading
#New video and audio loading #Transafromusic to the world

User (30/04/2018 23:07)
#Transafro music international #onkyamula now playing on #Trace music @Trace music #God owns all

User (27/04/2018 22:56)
#Don't miss #Transafro music today on #Dalta Tv

User (26/04/2018 18:18)
Don't miss Transafro music today on Record Tv @4:30pm nbs and Delta tv tmox

User (23/04/2018 18:42)
Onkyamula has been playing on Afro music pop #Nigeria #UG flag higher
I told you we gonna be great #Transafro music to the world

User (08/04/2018 14:34)
#Onkyamula #video offically out #OMG..Its a real #movie #Follow the link en check it out
I told you that we the best music group in Africa... #Grate make creation #Transafro music #Share...share...share
Onkyamula - Edenenzo ft Man Rapper: http://youtu.be/0Leag7gqnzI
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