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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • What is the phone number of Pure Organic Farming Inputs POFI?

    You can try to dialing this number: +31649655575

  • Where are the coordinates of the Pure Organic Farming Inputs POFI?

    Latitude: 52.65942
    Longitude: 4.75642

About the Business:

Organic farming is yet another kind of strategy of farming which harnesses the environment, human health and soil structure. The most safest way to farm. Email pureorganicfarminginputs@protonmail.com

What Other Say:

User (04/11/2018 10:44)
A good practicing farmer should know this difference. Save people's lives, save the environment, and save mother nature. Grow and eat organic.

User (01/11/2018 22:44)
Organically grown seeds. Oxheart is known for its excellent taste and, of course, for its beautiful unusual (ox) heart-shape. Due to its low moisture, this Italian variety is much sought-after for use in pastas and sauces. Oxheart ripens from inside out and because of this the fruit has a beautiful light-green skin in contrast to the dark red flesh. Greenhouse cultivation gives the best results, although cultivation in a warm sheltered place outdoors is also possible. Harvest after approximately 75 days. Harvest after approximately 75 days.

User (25/10/2018 19:41)
Biologische (Organic) day to day food should be emphasised in all households. Food that is non contradictory to our own lives and the environment that surrounds us. This whole thing comes back to us going to the grassroots population that is largely involved and depend on subsistence farming. When this vast population is empowered with the good knowledge of growing food in an organic way, it will save all those developing nations increased cases on human health by consumption... of food produced using dangerous conventional farming inputs. A true farmer should know the consequences of using certain products to grow food. Example of such foods like that in picture are seen on markets in many developed countries which have taken into account the safety of products used to produce such foods. A breakfast of organic muesli will give the consumer confidence when eating it because they are not worried about being harmed.
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User (25/10/2018 18:58)
Organic production is an overall system of farm management and food production that combines best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity, the preservation of natural resources, the application of high animal welfare standards and a production method in line with the preference of certain consumers for products produced using natural substances and processes. The organic production method thus plays a dual societal role, where it on the one hand provides for a specific market responding to a consumer demand for organic products, and on the other hand delivers public goods contributing to the protection of the environment and animal welfare, as well as to rural development.

User (25/10/2018 17:59)
A combination of these 3 products in your garden or field will make you wear a smile as they will effectively leave your plant naturally green. These products are recommended for organic farming. Already many farmers are giving thumbs up. Luizen en witte vlieg (plant Lice suckers and white flies solution ) with ingredients like Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract, pyretherine. which deals with repelling insect pests naturally. Organic plant food which is a universal Organic compound fertilizer with NK, totally organically bound nitrogen,potassium oxide soluble in water and Onkruiden Bestrijder (No weed solution) which will help in drying of unwanted plants if applied in the best natural way. Put a smile on your garden as well to yourself.

User (16/10/2018 00:48)
Follow up this powerful event and learn more on how the EU is inspiring young farmers 👩‍🌾 around Europe.

User (12/10/2018 19:52)
The Organic Passive Bucket Kratky Hydroponic System. This System is no doubt one of the easiest hydroponic plans you can start by yourself within several hours.
This system is great for anyone who just gets started with hydroponics. What you need is a bucket, some growing media (like hydroton, perlite, or cotton), some net pots, hydroponic nutrients, and pH kits. These are all required to set up a passive system (no electricity required) that can run automatically for weeks ...without maintenance.
You can grow green vegetables like lettuces, spinaches at the start or fruits plants like tomatoes after you have got enough experiences.
NB: Only Organic Farming Inputs should be applied for it to qualify producing organic agricultural produce. Indoor plant food fertiliser and Organic Plant Food can be of great importance.
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User (11/10/2018 17:16)
What is Organic (Biologisch) Indoor Farming? Organic biologisch indoor farming is a method of growing crops or plants in a most safest way without using any synthetic farming inputs which might be dangerous to the environment and human life, usually on a large scale, entirely indoors. This method of farming often implements growing methods such as hydroponics and utilizes artificial lights to provide plants with the nutrients and light levels required for growth.
This kind o...f farming, often referred to as Organic indoor gardening, can be used on both small and large scales, in home and commercially. However, indoor farming has a particular popularity in large cities where plots of land, in any size, are not readily available for growing and farming.
On a large scale, this farming is being used to help bolster local food supplies and provide fresh produce to communities in large cities. Many of these farms are vertical farms and can produce much more crops in a small area than can be produced in outdoor, soil-based farms. However, not all these farms are built on such a large scale. Some farms can be created in an area as small as a basement and used by a single gardener to provide fresh produce for their home.
A wide variety of plants can be grown indoors, but fruits, vegetables, and herbs are the most popular. This method is so common in countries like the Netherlands and good enough some African countries such as Uganda have started to borrow a leaf.
When growing indoors organically, many farmers appreciate having more control over the environment than they do when they are using traditional farming methods. Light amounts, nutrition levels, and moisture levels can all be controlled by the farmer when they are growing crops solely indoors. Some of the most popular plants grown indoors are usually crop plants like lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and herbs among others.
In this method products such as House Food(Green house) or indoor plant food are used because the ingredients in them are entirely harmless to the human life and the environment. This product contains of ingredients such as Nitrogen,nitrate nitrogen, Ammonia-cal nitrogen,urea nitrogen, water soluble phosphate,water soluble potassium oxide which are all if used on plants have no side effects if the products they have been applied to are consumed by a person. Its Usage is so simple.
Shake well before use. Use 3 caps of that bottle in 10 liters of water apply it once a week. This product is approved for use in accordance to the EU (European Union) regulation 834/2007. Those in Uganda can easily access it if you inbox for further inquiry or directly call on +256773700340
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User (22/09/2018 21:45)
Organic plant food: This is a purely universal organic compound fertilizer made from organic ingredients. It is composed of NK,Total organically bound nitrogen,potassium oxide soluble in water. It is applied in all kinds of farming and gardening.
Directions of application: 100mls in 10 liters of water. Apply once a week for plants under 3 months, apply twice a month for plants above 3 months to 6 months, and Apply once a month for plants above 6 months.
... This fertilizer is certified, approved and permitted for use in organic farming in accordance with European Union (EU) regulation 834/2007. Its safety to human health, animal life and the environment at large is guaranteed.
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User (18/09/2018 19:02)
On 28 June 2017 the Maltese presidency and the European Parliament reached a preliminary agreement on an overhaul of the existing EU rules on organic production and labelling of organic products.
The agreed regulation sets more modern and uniform rules across the EU with the aim of encouraging the sustainable development of organic production in the EU. The new rules also aim to guarantee fair competition for farmers and operators, prevent fraud and unfair practices and impro...
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User (18/09/2018 18:36)
Pure natural quality Aubergines 🍆 seeds (Solanum Melongena). Can be easily obtained through this platform. This very product has been standardised through the Standard seed EU-norm.

User (18/09/2018 18:33)
Pure natural quality Onions De Barletta seeds (Allium Cepa). Can be easily obtained through this platform. This very product has been standardised through the Standard seed EU-norm.

User (18/09/2018 18:31)
Pure natural quality Marmande tomatoes 🍅 seeds can be easily obtained through this platform. This product has been standardised through the Standard seed EU-norm.

User (27/08/2018 10:26)
It’s a great honour to see our committed organic farmers see the difference organic farming can bring. With Organic plant Food fertiliser and pure natural seeds of carrots 🥕 recommended for organic farming. It’s not too late for us to go organic. It will save our soils, health and environment. Get all these products from this platform and on Organic Farmers Galore

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Pure Organic Farming Inputs POFI - Facebook
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Bekijk het profiel van Pure Organic Farming Inputs POFI op LinkedIn, ... the interested farmers and currently exporting to Uganda and Zambia at the moment.

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18 Mei 2021 · Pure Organic Farming Inputs (POFI) is proudly happy to receive a gift of recognition from a company that respects nature.

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20 Jun 2021 · Pure Organic Farming Inputs (POFI) is a company that strives to create empowerment to farmers to go organic by giving tips.

POFI representative explores the demo farm of a farmer who volunteered to grow the SIMONA F1 tomato variety in Masaka Uganda.

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