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Address : BEACH NUNGWI, P.O.Box 2375 Zanzibar City, Tanzania
Coordinate : -5.73412127786, 39.2961385556
Phone : 0777472515
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Nungwi Tours?

    Nungwi Tours is located at: BEACH NUNGWI, P.O.Box 2375 Zanzibar City, Tanzania.

  • What is the phone number of Nungwi Tours?

    You can try to dialing this number: 0777472515 - or find more information on their website: www.nungwitours.com

  • Where are the coordinates of the Nungwi Tours?

    Latitude: -5.73412127786
    Longitude: 39.2961385556

About the Business:

Zanzibar is world renowned for its beautiful palm-lined beaches with crystal clear waters and its unique multicultural identity.


Nungwi Tours & Safaris, We have good range of service products in ” Zanzibar” which include Transfers, Hotel bookings, Flight, Sea ferry booking, Tours, Excursions, Snorkeling trips, Deep sea Fishing, Dhow trips and so much more. Please put yourself in the safe and extreme friendly hands of our tours, excursions and Transfers to experience the magic and discover the romance of Zanzibar Island.
Nungwi Tours & Safaris wishes you a warm welcome. On this page you will find the latest news as well as the season's specials. Please feel free to come back again as we are constantly updating our website.

What Other Say:

User (08/07/2016 19:34)
CHUMBE ISLAND TRIP. One of the spectacular coral garden in the world, Chumbe Island is a natural reserve, just off the coast of Zanzibar. A short boat ride away from the main Island of Zanzibar, a day out at Chumbe is not complete without some time to snorkel. Take to the water either in the morning or afternoon, leaving time for a nature trail across the sand bar, dotted with scuttling crabs and starfish. Sodas and waters are complimentary throughout the day. During your stay ,you’ll use one of the island’s award winning eco-friend bandas.

User (14/05/2016 14:56)
Dear all you are all welcome the original tours in Zanzibar!!!

User (09/11/2015 02:33)
"A day well spent" Seeing the monkeys, walking through the forest and mangroves. The place is stunning and you can get really close to the monkeys.While you are at the Jozani Forest you chance to get some great shots so don't forget to carry your camera.

User (09/11/2015 02:31)
Jozani forest is famous for its rare Red Colobus Monkeys, a distinct sub-species of the mainland Red Colobus with different calls, eating habits and coat patterns. You will have the chance to see these and several other monkey species as well as many different types of birds and you walk through the ancient natural forest with all canopies frolicking with life

User (10/05/2015 16:27)
Zanzibar Butterfly Centre “best must see” The Zanzibar Butterfly Centre (ZBC) is a community and environmental project located in Pete village next to Jozani-Chwaka Bay National Park. ZBC has trained local people from the Pete community to farm the butterflies (in pupae form) sustainably and buys their pupae for our netted garden. Revenue generated by tourist admissions supports ZBC with the project’s aims of poverty alleviation and conservation of the local forest. Zanzibar ...butterfly centre provides visitors with a unique and fascinating opportunity to learn about all the different butterfly lifecycle stages close up in one of Africa’s largest butterfly exhibits. Visitors can enjoy an interactive tour with one of our knowledgeable guides in our tropical garden where hundreds of butterflies, all of which are native species to Zanzibar, fly freely. Open 7 days a week, 9 am to 5 pm (last admission 4:30pm).Tours take approximately 30-40 minutes, but the duration can be adapted if needed. Tours are available in English and Kiswahili.
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User (28/04/2015 22:18)
Doing things the local way in Zanzibar. The tropical paradise of Zanzibar has a lot more to tempt visitors with than just temperate waters and its reputation as a honeymoon haven, since its history and culture are fascinating enough to fire the imagination of all ages. The beach holiday doesn’t only need to consist of sunbathing on sandy beaches as you sip cocktails; why not create memories that will last a lifetime and do things the local way too!

User (24/04/2015 15:14)
Chumbe Island Coral Park Day Trip
The Chumbe Island can be reached in 45 minutes boat ride from Mbweni Beach. It covers 16 hectors of undisturbed forest and surrounded by a virgin coral reef. The Chumbe Forest Reserve: a coral rag forest with a unique flora and wildlife including numerous reptiles, birds, crabs and the rare nocturnal Coconut Crab. The Forest Nature Trails are also visited under the guidance of trained Park Rangers. The sanctuary has more than 200 pieces of pristine stone corals, about 400 species of fish and turtles & dolphins regularly passing by. For a day trip only a fixed number of people are allowed to go there, which is not more than 14pax. You will do a guided walking in the small forest, snorkel, swimming, lunch and relax.

User (18/04/2015 22:01)
Jozani forest tours “Home of Red Colobus Monkey.” Experience the south of the island with the Jozani Forest Tour. It will captivate you with tales of Zanzibar leopards, medicinal cures and breathtaking scenery. You will be guided through the tropical rainforest along a nature trail lined with different types of trees, and will be explained what types of animals make this beautiful place their home. One of the main features will be the troops of Red Colobus monkeys jumping from branch to branch. Mangroves play a large role in this environment and you are able to experience this by walking along the boardwalk above the swamp.

User (18/04/2015 16:29)
Stone Town Walking Tours “Beautiful Old World Cham” The Stone Town tour takes you through fabled Stone Town, where history appears to stand still. With visits to the House of Wonders, the Palace Museum (People's Palace) Anglican Church and the Arab Fort amongst others, it is a fascinating look at the essence of Zanzibar. You will see Zanzibar's bustling market, winding alleyways, ornately carved and studded doors, two cathedrals and countless mosques!. Stone Town has some excellent gifts shops with plenty of souvenirs and handicrafts to choose from.

User (16/04/2015 21:38)
LOW SEASON SPECIALLY OFFER Hide away of Nungwi Resort and Spar Take a Big Advantage Low Season Rates. From USD 110 in Half Board and USD138 in all inclusive up to 31st May 2015 And USD 124 in Half Board and USD 152 in all inclusive from 1st June to 8th July 2015... The Rates Per Person Sharing Per Night in Luxury Junior Suit. “DON’T MISS IT”
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User (05/04/2015 22:44)
The Zanzibar Prison Island – The Only Prison Where I’d Like To Get Arrested. Prison Island also known as Changuu Island, is just off the coast of Stone Town, Zanzibar. Now a tourist attraction, Prison Island was once a place where slaves were detained and at one point, it also served as a place of quarantine. The boat ride from Stone Town takes 20-30 minutes and the seas at times can be a bit rough. Arriving on the island, there is a mysterious rustic wooden bridge that hove...rs a few meters above the water, jetting out into the sea. On one side of Prison Island is a refuge for giant sea tortoises, originally a gift from the Seychelles. A 5 minute walk across the island leads to the former prison ruins. Though in their successful days it was a torturous place to be, nowadays the ocean cliffs, the overgrowth of the plants on the stone walls, and the view of the turquoise ocean is gorgeous! The biggest attraction is colony of Giant Tortoises! The small sandy beach on Prison Island Zanzibar is a quiet place where no one will bother you and you can peacefully relax or sunbathe. If you would like to snorkel, the boat will take you a few meters off shore where you can disembark into deeper water with an small area of coral. A quick walk to the end of the wooden bridge and a look back at Prison Island is a charming view to cherish! It’s a view that almost makes you wish that you were arrested and thrown onto Prison Island Zanzibar!
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User (01/04/2015 22:17)
It’s not just a Bed Once the Destination for the next holiday has been decided and flight has been booked, accommodation is the next essential piece of planning that needs to be considered. There are many ways of booking accommodation these days as technology has made it easier for us, however it is not always guaranteed that the property will suit your needs and wants. That why Nungwi Tours and Safaris believes that ‘it’s not just a Bed” We at Nungwi Tour will find the most ...suitable accommodation for every client hence why all itineraries are tailor made to ensure that detail is taken into consideration. Our collection of accommodation range from midrange to luxury and concentrating mostly on smaller and intimate properties. These types of accommodation offer you the quality of service we believe in as well as paying attention to detail and simply do not just cater for the mass tourism. Whether you are looking for a specific location or a particular experience we can advise you on the appropriate accommodation, which will suit client’s interest, expectations as well as budgets. Let us do planning and research for you and we will.
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User (19/02/2015 16:52)
There is more than just the white sand, sun and sea on the islands….
Why not Safari Blue and feel the Indian Ocean breeze or even better, try Parasailing and see the Island from a far and there is more to be offered ….
... Our water sports partners’ can offer you the experiences that no other can in all aspects of water sports.
You will leave the Island either having accomplished a long term dream or simply experienced some of the world best kept secrets!!!!!!!!
Nungwi Tours & Safaris we can help you with that ….
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User (07/02/2015 20:46)
why not Zanzibar, why not with us?? :) karibuni sana Zanzibar

User (29/09/2014 22:19)
If your traveling to Zanzibar please don't miss to make Spice Tours that the only way you can Smell, Taste and you have some information how we use some Spice. This is Zanzibar Vanilla from the Flower.

User (29/09/2014 22:10)
Zanzibar Spice Island. Its primary objective is to give you a complete picture as to why this beautiful island is known as "The Spice Island" Vanilla

User (27/09/2014 15:16)
The Spectacular View of the Rock Restaurant at Michamvi Village. Great Atmosphere, Great Location with Great food.

Muchisimas gracias por todo!! llegamos a casa! un saludo muy especial para tu hermano y su amigo que se portaron de maravillas con nosotros!! I love zanzibar!!!!!!

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