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Place Types : Landmark & Historical Place, Palace
Address : Hanania Street, Bab Sharqi, Damascus, Syria
Coordinate : 33.5099219868, 36.3179200207
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Rating : 4.40
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Nassan Palace (قصر النعسان)?

    Nassan Palace (قصر النعسان) is located at: Hanania Street, Bab Sharqi, Damascus, Syria.

  • Where are the coordinates of the Nassan Palace (قصر النعسان)?

    Latitude: 33.5099219868
    Longitude: 36.3179200207

About the Business:

Nassan Palace (قصر النعسان)


Nassan Palace a residential Palace in old Damascus, Syria. After a great fire in the 19th century that destroyed most records for families in Damascus. Surviving records and family tales point out that, the palace was at first a factory for Damascene products, such as; carved mosaic wood engraved with mother of pearl, and gold woven silk brocade fabric. Towards the end of the 18h century, the family turned the compound into both a factory and a residential home, ever since then it has been the main residence of the Nassan family.

Shortly after Syria gained its independence in 1946, due to its architecture, history, and input into the Syrian culture; Nassan House became known as Nassan Palace. However, Nassan Factories had to shut down in 1995, after more than 200 years because it became too costly to maintain machinery, compete with technology and find specialist craftsmen.

The palace up until the Syrian civil war was both a residential and touristic manor. The family had an open door policy to all guests, the family lives on the first floor, but the ground floor was open for everyone to visit and continue on to the shop which sold the remaining stock of what the factory had produced. Nassan Palace is located within short walking distance to the Straight Street, Bab Sharqi, and St, Annania's Church.

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