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Place Types : Bridge
Address : Porto, Portugal
Coordinate : 41.1474666667, -8.64033888889
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Arrábida Bridge?

    Arrábida Bridge is located at: Porto, Portugal.

  • Where are the coordinates of the Arrábida Bridge?

    Latitude: 41.1474666667
    Longitude: -8.64033888889


The Arrábida Bridge is an arch bridge of reinforced concrete, that carries six lanes of traffic over the Douro River, between Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, in Norte region of Portugal.HistoryIn March 1952, a preliminary project for a roadway bridge was adjudicated to Professor Edgar António Mesquita Cardoso, by the JAE. It was approved in 1955.The construction of the bridge proceeded in May 1957. By decree 42/234, dated 22 April 1959, the Ministério das Obras Públicas (Public Works Ministry) promoted, through their respective City Councils, the construction of modest dwellings for the accommodation of families that needed to be demolished, as a result of the construction of access to the bridge. By 22 June 1963, the bridge was concluded and inaugurated. At the time of its completion, the bridge's main span of 270m was the largest of any concrete-arch bridge in the world.In the 1990s, the elevators on the bridge were deactivated.A process to classify the bridge began on 16 February 2011. An announcement was issued on 18 September 2012 (13409/2012) on the project to classify the bridge as a Monumento Nacional (National Monument), establishing its respective Special protection Zone.On 24 June 2016, a tourist experience that allowed pedestrians to walk across the archway, an idea of Pedro Pardinhas, who invested 50,000 euros and safety equipment and transformation of a small annex as the reception hall for "Porto Bridge Climb".ArchitectureThe bridge is isolated over the Douro river, supported over the northern margin along the Arrábida escarpment and along the southern margin at ravine in the area of Candal. It is implanted downstream from the D. Luís Bridge, and is the closest to the mouth of the Douro River, establishing a connection between the IC1 (in Vila Nova de Gaia) and Porto beltway (VCI).

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