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Address : Gaza
Coordinate : 31.5005555556, 34.47
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Shuja'iya?

    Shuja'iya is located at: Gaza.

  • Where are the coordinates of the Shuja'iya?

    Latitude: 31.5005555556
    Longitude: 34.47


Shuja'iyya is a neighborhood district of the Palestinian city of Gaza east of the city center, its nucleus situated on a hill, located across the main Salah al-Din Road that runs north-south throughout the Gaza Strip. It is one of the largest neighborhoods in Gaza, with around 100,000 residents. Shuja'iyya contains several ancient structures, mosques and tombs. The Commonwealth War Cemetery is located 2km north of the commercial center of the neighborhood.HistoryShuja'iyya dates from the Ayyubid period in Gaza, and is named after Shuja' al-Din Uthman al-Kurdi, an Ayyubid emir ("commander") who died fighting against the Crusaders in 1239. The district is the first extension of Gaza beyond its Old City, and was a mixed quarter, as opposed to other quarters of Gaza. It was generally a commercial district, but also partially residential. During the Middle Ages, the neighborhood's houses were poorly built and its roads were narrow and unpaved. However, it also boasted many extravagant mosques and Muslim sanctuaries. The 14th-century Ibn Uthman Mosque and al-Zufurdimri Mosque are located in Shuja'iyya, The 15th-century Mahkamah Mosque is also located there.Being built outside the city's wall, Shuja'iyya had more potential to grow than the al-Daraj, Zaytoun, and al-Tuffah quarters. It eventually grew to become the largest neighborhood in Gaza. It was divided into separate northern and southern parts along ethnic lines. The southern part of the area is called al-Turkuman because of the concentration of Turkoman clans who settled there during the reign of Ayyubid sultan as-Salih Ayyub between 1240-49. The northern part was called al-Judaida or Shuja'iyya al-Akrad. It was populated by Kurds originally from the Mosul area.

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