Definition of a CooperativeA cooperative is an association of persons (organization) that is owned and controlled by the people to meet their common economic, social, and/or cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically controlled business (enterprise). The people of the cooperative are those who use its products, supplies, and/or services. Profits are also often returned back to the members of the cooperative, however, cooperatives are often more focused on services for members than for investments.Cooperatives can be created for a number of different reasons or to fulfill a number of different needs: jointly process goods, split costs, split control over work, purchasing power (bulk buys), shared employees, shared wages, etc.Principles of a Cooperative 1) Voluntary and Open Membership 2) Democratic Member Control 3) Member Economic Participation 4) Autonomy and Independence 5) Education, Training, and Information 6) Cooperation among Cooperatives 7) Concern for Community:For other Information please free to Contact our Membership Committee.

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