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Station 1, Boracay Tambisaan Jetty Port Rd, Boracay Island, 5608 Aklan
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  • Anynomous
    19 November 2017

    The Palms of Boracay, a lovely hotel a few minutes walk away from the beach in Station 1. 
    Boracay has 3 popular stations, station 2 has the most number of establishments where people can eat, drink, and be merry. Station 1 has a few bars, but has the best white and fine sand on the island (in my opinion), and it is also in a secluded area where there aren't a lot of tourists and commercial establishments.
    The room was spacious and comfortable. The room had its own coffee maker, two tables, a few chairs, complimentary water, a sink, and a refrigerator; everything one needs for a short or long stay in Boracay. The bed was soft and comfy, perfect for a good night's sleep. The only downside was the view of the construction site happening just outside the hotel, but it was beyond their control.

  • Anynomous
    21 April 2017


  • Anynomous
    14 March 2015

    So cool and a great place to be in!!!

  • Anynomous
    12 April 2012

    Best food, best staff!