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Place Types : Lake, Landmark & Historical Place
Address : Ahuac, Peru
Coordinate : -12.0705555556, -75.3386111111
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Lake Ñahuimpuquio?

    Lake Ñahuimpuquio is located at: Ahuac, Peru.

  • Where are the coordinates of the Lake Ñahuimpuquio?

    Latitude: -12.0705555556
    Longitude: -75.3386111111


Lake Ñahuimpuquio is a lake in Peru located in the Junín Region, Chupaca Province, Ahuac District. Ñahuimpuquio lies northwest of Ahuac and next to the village of Ñahuimpuquio at 3400m above sea level.Lake Ñahuimpuquio is one of the main tourist attractions at the town of Chupaca since the town and the archaeological remains of Arwaturo are close to the lake; visiting the three places can be done in an hour walk.

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