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Place Type : Community Organization, Financial Service
Address : Gorkha, Gorkha, Nepal
Coordinate : 27.99568, 84.62827
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Phone : 9851019374
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Social : facebook.com/PeepalbotAgriculture
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Website : www.cocinamithochha.com
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Monday: 09:00 - 17:00
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About The Business:

Pleepalbot Agriculture Cooperative is a community base organization purporting by Cocina Mitho Chha in Thakumajh Lakuribo VDC Gorkha. Helping people.


Community development initiative through Cooperative promotion
(For Takumajh lakuribot Gorkha)


Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries with an annual per capita income of under 600 US$. A 2011 statistic shows that 24% population of Nepal is still living in poverty. The socioeconomic challenges are complicated by the lack of proper planning and participation and poor coordination of local and regional governments. Therefore, it is necessary to make interventions for economic initiatives with sustainable development at the community level by improving the level of the education, raising the level of awareness of the local people, health security, income generation through growing and promoting agro tourism & promotion of local productions like organic vegetables, Honey, lemon, turmeric powder, and ginger production are the best options to increase household incomes immediately.

The proposed project area lies in mid hill part of Gorkha named Taku majh lakuribot VDC, Thale (village development Committee).There is need of a self managed cooperative (Proposed Hudi khola agriculture Cooperative takumajh Gorkha) to lead such kind of community development activities and the proposed cooperative will be able to meet the credit requirements for small-scale enterprises to generate self employment opportunities.

Due to lack of knowledge and skill, people have not maximized their understanding of the opportunities that are in front of them. They depend on subsistence agricultural practices that involve intensive labour with little economic return. Without support, training and guidance little will change. As a consequence, people are flying abroad to become cheap labour for large corporations. This is why this initiative has been proposed.

Main objectives of the program.

• Access to quality education for the children of program area.
• Access to quality health services & health care, especially to low income families & for old age.
• Access to market of the local productions.
• Access to financial services through cooperative promotion & its strengthening to create self employment opportunities for the youths in local area.
• Access to local & sustainable energy system, like solar and wind mill.
• Promote agro tourism to attract national and international visitors.
• Mobilize local and international volunteers in agriculture.

Target beneficiaries:

The direct target beneficiaries of this project will be the 250 Households of Takumajh lakuribot VDC for the first phase & after implementation coverage will be increase with in neighbouring VDCs gradually on the basis of the impact of this initiative.

Proposed main activities in the long run:

a) Build the community house to establishment of community learning centre & other enjoyable programs.
b) Promotion of alternative energy using local & natural resources like Biogas, solar energy & wind energy.
c) Introduce and establish a modern drying technology of local fruit, vegetable, medicinal plant & other produce.
d) Establishment of good market network with development of different sustainable market value chains.
e) Establish the branches of agro cooperative in different areas of Gorkha.

Activity plan for the year 1:

Villagers will be empowered at the initial period to begin their own agriculture cooperative; start saving small amounts, regularly for their future security & begin small enterprises. Like that we have to support in school education for the children of poorest to poor families.

(See the detail activities & budget plan in annex 1)

Expected outcomes:

• 1 self manage & sustainable agriculture cooperative will be registered with minimum of 150 members.
• At least 25 household starts their small enterprises to raise income to cover their regular household expenses. They will able to earn additional income Rs 50000 per year per families.
• At least 25 Children of low income family who are not able to go to school due to the adequate source of income to cover education costs will go school regularly.
• Good relationship will built among local & district level government & other stakeholders.

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