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Address :
Coordinate : 52.12491, 5.04389
Phone :
Email :
Rating : 4.70
Social : facebook.com/551813298245579
101K people like this.
Website : www.truckparkingeurope.com
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Want to book a hotel in Utrecht?

    We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs. Compare and book now!

  • What is the phone number of Truck Parking Europe?

    You can try to find more information on their website: www.truckparkingeurope.com

  • Where are the coordinates of the Truck Parking Europe?

    Latitude: 52.12491
    Longitude: 5.04389

About the Business:

truckparkingeurope.com - free app (iOS /Android) for truckers with over 37. 000 truck parking areas, truck stops and spots. Join the largest European truck parking community!

What Other Say:

User (02/08/2018 16:00)
That fits... perfectly! What a driver. Could you do this? Proof it with a video of your own 😉

User (31/07/2018 22:28)
Where do you rather drive? 👍 Driving through a quiet landscape on a small road. ✌️ On a crowded highway.

User (28/07/2018 23:47)
Great first day at Truckstar Festival TT-Circuit Assen. Have you met our team? See you tomorrow for a free cup of coffee! ☕🚛

User (26/07/2018 20:30)
That moment you realize you have no idea how to drive a truck 😂

User (25/07/2018 19:58)
We're looking forward to Truckstar Festival this weekend! See you there 🙌

User (24/07/2018 22:12)
Would you ever paint your truck like this?

User (23/07/2018 20:50)
We're looking forward to Truckstar Festival 2018 this weekend! Join us at our stand for a free cup of coffee, smiles, trucker goodies and a whole lotta fun! As you can see we can't wait to see you there!
→ See you on July 27 & 28 at the TT Circuit Assen. 🙌

User (23/07/2018 14:37)
Thank you Adam Gawrysak for sending in your truck! How would you rate this globetrotter on a scale of 1-10? 🤔

User (19/07/2018 22:05)
When you can't wait for the weekend 😂

User (18/07/2018 14:20)
Look at this camouflage truck. If you're driving this beast no one will dare to get in your way! 💪

User (14/07/2018 16:00)
Ady Willis his truck can handle a little bit of snow. Can yours?
Let's hope this nice weather sticks with us for a while!

User (12/07/2018 16:00)
Cruising through the week like... 😱

User (10/07/2018 15:00)
Every truck deserves a safe parking spot! Start using our free app for truckers and we'll help you find one 👍
iOs → http://bit.ly/iOS-TPE
Android → http://bit.ly/TPE-Android

User (09/07/2018 14:11)
Let's vote! On the left side we have the beautiful green truck by Adam Gawryszak, and he's competing against the Kadem Dar and his white road train!
Which one do you like better?

User (05/07/2018 15:00)
You have to pick 2 of your friends for a game of football ⚽️ when you're stuck in traffic. Who do you call?

User (03/07/2018 22:28)
A different day, a different job, a different truck. ↪ Tell us about your job today!

User (30/06/2018 15:00)
Thank you Harry Perdok! ↪ What are your thoughts on this truck?

User (28/06/2018 16:00)
Which one of your friends could use a helping hand? 😂

User (26/06/2018 22:40)
And another truck reaches its destination 🙌
How was your last trip?

User (23/06/2018 16:03)
Thank you Ion Badela for sending in your truck! ↪ How would you rate this truck from 1-10?

De mare ajutor oriunde te afli

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