Protestant church of Oudega

Oudega, Friesland


The Protestant church of Oudega or Saint Agnes church is a religious building in Oudega, Netherlands, one of the many medieval churches in Friesland.The Romanesque church was built in the early 12th century out of tuffstone and has a tower from c. 1250. In the 14th century the church was lengthened with a straight closed choir The monumental Pipe organ was built in 1875 by L. van Dam & Zn. from Leeuwarden and expanded by Bakker & Timmenga in 1922.The church is located on the Buorren 1 and was once a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Saint Agnes but became a Protestant church after the Protestant reformation. It is listed as a Rijksmonument, number 33989 and is rated with a very high historical value.

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Location :
Oudega, Friesland