d'Olde Poort Cash & Carry Trade Centre


Vintage, Industrial & Antique wholesale dealer. Come explore our showrooms based in Ulft! Open to the private as well as entrepreneurs & dealers (who enjoy an exclusive discount!). Free coffee or tea at entrance, coupled with a lovely reception.


  • Antique Store
  • Vintage Store


Wholesale dealer specialised in Vintage, Industrial & Antique goods. Free coffee or tea at entrance coupled with a warm reception.

Explore 9000 m2 (100,000 ft2) worth of showroom inside filled with a wide selection of items varying from exclusive antique interior and decoration to exotic home & garden ornaments. Images displayed at this page and our Instagram (@olde_poort) are just the tip of the iceberg, much more to see indoors!

Are you a dealer or entrepreneur yourself? If so, you are entitled to exclusive discounts on all of our items (please, do bring your registration of the chambers of commerce as well as ID).

When paying a visit to d’Olde Poort Cash & Carry Trade Centre, feel free to visit shop-in-shop partner Old Goods (@old_goods) where interesting and unique antique items are being sold.


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