SUSTAINABLE FUTURE FOR OUR WORLD. AI-POWERED GIGATON ‘GREENING' TECHNOLOGYANGARA has designed and commercialized an innovative decarbonization technology that helps clients across several energy-intensive process industries globally to substantially abate emissions and save costs through an innovative approach to boosting the efficiency of heat-exchanging equipment. In petroleum refining alone, our suite of technologies could abate Scope 1 emissions of 400 mtCO2/year, of which 160 mtCO2/year are available now, with existing equipment and no CAPEX needed. It would save $50+ billion/year in energy & carbon costs.Angara's technology has been evaluated by DNV, a leading independent assurance and risk management company, and assigned a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 8+.BUSINESS MODEL We are a Technology Provider, and we engage Service Providers and other Partners to deliver results to our Clients, creating high-skilled jobs and supporting local communities. ANGARA's DecarbonX program was officially launched in March 2022 at the CERAWeek (Houston, USA) and is signing up partners and clients at an accelerating speed. ANGARA is currently working on dozens of projects in numerous European and Middle Eastern countries to drive decarbonization and deliver significant energy savings for its refining clients.We invite Partners to learn more about the DecarbonX program at https://decarbonx.tech/ and join the program!

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