We are an Information Systems (IS) consultancy firm in Malawi using ultra-modern technologies to provide timely business, private or entertainment solutions.Our Mission:Automating client's ideas and visions to improve productivity with cutting edge Information System solutions catering for business, private and entertainment sectors.Our Goal:To provide value-added Information Systems solutions which guide and direct clients to maximize productivity and profitability.Our VisionTo be an internationally recognized Information Systems solutions company which provides excellent client relationships by:1. Using ultra-modern technology infrastructure.2. Delivering secure solution that empower clients to effectively manage and use digital assets which maximize profitability and productivity.Our services include:· Installation and long term support of eMalonda™️ a distributed trading Information System built in-house by the WELLOVERSE software engineering team.· Domain registration and secure hosting of websites and web applications.· Development of secure, responsive and dynamic websites of all types.· Operating Systems (Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux) and Vendor Packages systems engineering and support.· Bespoke Information Systems development to cater for your business, private or entertainment needs.

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Location :
Lilongwe, Central Region