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W.I.S.P is aimed at developing programs made for the individuals needs and expectation. Our program combines cardiovascular and resistance training encompassing the full spectrum of fitness insuring we move forward together stronger,healthier and fitter

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Anthony is a qualified fitness expert, who studied for his Diplomas in Fitness Institute of Australia on Sydney Campus.

While obtaining his Diploma of Fitness Specialist, he speciliazed in Exercise Rehabilitation, Corrective Exercise Prescription, Muscle Mechanics, Clinical Exercise Prescription, Physical Fitness Appraisal, Sports Conditioning, Advanced Exercise Physiology , Case Management

When studying for his Certificate III (Group Fitness) and Certificate IV (Personal Training), Anthony focused on: Advanced Aerobic Conditioning, Advanced Resistance Training, Nutrition and Weight Management, Business Management, Professional Practice.

Anthony has multiple belts in Martial Arts and is passionate about Athletics, Football, Gymnastics, Weightlifting.