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Address :
Phone : 38923299299
Email :
Social : facebook.com/168060726552440
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Website : www.gov.uk/world /north-macedonia /news
Opening Hours :
Monday: 08:00 - 16:30
Tuesday: 08:00 - 16:30
Wednesday: 08:00 - 16:30
Thursday: 08:00 - 16:30
Friday: 08:00 - 13:00
Saturday: -
Sunday: -
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • What is the phone number of British Embassy Skopje?

    You can try to dialing this number: 38923299299 - or find more information on their website: www.gov.uk/world /north-macedonia /news

  • What is the opening hours of British Embassy Skopje?

    Monday: 08:00 - 16:30
    Tuesday: 08:00 - 16:30
    Wednesday: 08:00 - 16:30
    Thursday: 08:00 - 16:30
    Friday: 08:00 - 13:00
    Saturday: -
    Sunday: -

About the Business:

Welcome to the official Facebook page of the British Embassy in Skopje. Follow us on Twitter: @UKinRNMacedonia.

What Other Say:

User (23/01/2019 01:31)
"Because the world needs to shine" 21-23 January in London the UK is hosting the Education World Forum and the Bett Technology Show. Through the various international programmes that the UK is supporting via DFID we help to provide and transform education in many countries across the globe #EWF2019 https://www.youtube.com/embed/t0uZX5_nHig

User (17/01/2019 22:34)
UK launched an ambitious new strategy on clean air, setting out the comprehensive actions required across all parts of government and society to improve air quality, dealing with all sources of air pollution, making air healthier to breathe, protecting nature and boosting the economy. The UK is the first major economy to adopt air quality goals based on WHO recommendations: https://www.gov.uk/…/government-launche s-world-leading-plan…

User (17/01/2019 22:15)
21-23 January UK is hosting the world’s largest gathering of education and skills ministers. 1263 delegates from 95 countries are expected to take part at the Education World Forum. Minister for Education and Science of Macedonia Arber Ademi, accompanied by a delegation from the ministry and the British Council Macedonia director Eleonora Zaprova will be taking part. We look forward to expanding the UK & Macedonia cooperation in the education sector: https://www.theewf.org/

User (14/01/2019 19:36)
Countries are often linked together by shared interests, politics, economy, culture or art. But it is the people that create the impressive memories. Thanks to Sakam Da Kazam team of journalists we know the untold story from our shared history of how local people in Pelince saw the British military mission in World War II #UKMK

User (12/01/2019 02:58)
"The UK strongly welcomes the vote in Macedonia’s Parliament today in favour of implementing the Prespa Agreement. This is an historic moment for Macedonia. This marks a major step towards resolving the long-standing Name Issue with Greece, and brings the country closer to a more secure, stable and prosperous future at the heart of the Euro-Atlantic community." - Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt on today's vote in Parliament https://www.gov.uk/…/foreign-secretary- statement-on-macedon…

User (09/01/2019 22:07)
UK pledged to increase its investment and support to the Western Balkans region at the July Summit we hosted in London. Today we met Solza Kovachevska and Aleksandar Acev before they leave for the UK. Solza and Aleksandar are our first generation of #Chevening Cyber Security Fellows and they will study at the University of Cranfield by spring 2019. CONGRATS and welcome to our #Chevening family!

User (08/01/2019 23:33)
UK works with Macedonia across the society cooperating with domestic and international partners, UNICEF is one of them. As part of our development work the UK Government is supporting UNICEF and the Labour & Social Policy Ministry in training pre-school teachers in Macedonia for new ways to support children’s socio-emotional development.

User (25/12/2018 23:06)
“Through the many changes I have seen over the years, faith, family and friendship have been not only a constant for me but a source of personal comfort and reassurance.”
Watch The Queen's Christmas broadcast 2018. Merry Christmas to all! #ChristmasDay

User (23/12/2018 23:28)
Now you can watch online the interview of our Ambassador Rachel Galloway for Alsat M TV duscussing latest developments on reconciliation, Prespa Agreement and UK support to Macedonia's reform agenda https://youtu.be/PpUq-t1ChDU

User (22/12/2018 21:44)
Our latest views on developments in Macedonia, Amnesty Law, the Prespa Agreement and UK's support to Macedonia's reform programme - hear them in the interview of our Ambassador Rachel Galloway for Alsat M TV at 16.00, 19.00 and 23.00 hrs in the news today #UKMK

User (20/12/2018 18:27)
"By having more “rooms of their own”, the young people no matter their background could spend time together, cultivate their sense of belonging within the community, and get to know each other better." - latest blog post by our ambassador Rachel Galloway on our youth engagement programme in the region https://bit.ly/2QKwMZl

User (19/12/2018 18:53)
The Embassy will be closed on 25-26 December 2018, as well as on 1 and 7 January 2019. British people needing urgent consular assistance please dial 02 3299 299 and follow the instructions. Happy holidays!

User (19/12/2018 18:46)
Taking the kids away for christmas? Visit: http://gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice … to check out the latest travel advice for the country you're visiting and to avoid unnecessary delays, as some countries have certain entry requirements when travelling with children. Be prepared be #travelaware

User (18/12/2018 21:03)
We are extending the deadline and are open for your proposals until 20 January 2019! All undergraduate students in arts and design from Macedonia are welcome to send us your proposals! #creativity

User (18/12/2018 19:06)
To understand NATO we need to talk about it. For UK, NATO is the bedrock of our security ever since its foundation in 1949. Today it is a community of 29 members. UK is among the partners supporting the Euro-Atlantic Info Centre opened for citizens in Macedonia. Our Head of Programmes Richard Mallion joined Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, Dutch Ambassador Wouter Plomp, Head of NATO Military Liaison Office in Skopje Col Zoran Jankovic and MOST Executive Darko Aleksov in the official launch of the Centre last night in Skopje #WeAreNATO

User (18/12/2018 00:39)
Defence cooperation has been a strong strand of the UK and Macedonia partnership with the beginnings going back to the mid 1990s. Military and defence trainings have allowed many members of the ARM and Macedonia's security sector to receive education and training in the UK. Our focus at the moment is supporting Macedonia to implement the Strategic Defence Review, whose development we also helped. #partnership #defence #engagement

User (17/12/2018 21:03)
Western Balkans is a key region for the United Kingdom. In the past 25 years of UK-Macedonia partnership Parliament has been at the core of our cooperation. On Friday we launched new programme support to the work of Westminster Foundation for Democracy and the Parliament of Macedonia for enhancing accountability, transparency and inclusion. #partnership

User (11/12/2018 23:52)
Our Ambassador Rachel Galloway spoke to Inbox7 team about the current issues of interest of UK in Macedonia and the future relationship. You can watch it or read it on Inbox7 website https://bit.ly/2zP6tGM

User (16/07/2018 19:50)
#RangersFans, if you are travelling to Skopje, Macedonia for Glasgow Rangers match with Shkupi which will be played on Tuesday 17 July please read our travel advice with information on safety and logistics https://bit.ly/2mk6one

User (13/07/2018 16:47)
'Human rights are what define us in terms of how we go about our daily lives and human rights is also about those who wish to follow a faith, whatever that faith or belief may be.'
Lord Ahmad has recently been appointed as the Prime Minister's Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief. He will promote the UK’s religious tolerance abroad & help to tackle religious discrimination in countries where faith groups face persecution.

User (11/07/2018 02:45)
UK PM Theresa May hosted the 5th Western Balkans Summit in London, where she met leaders from the Western Balkans and Europe to discuss prosperity and security.

User (11/07/2018 01:37)
'The UK has always had a strong commitment to the region – from our role in the peace agreements that followed the conflicts of the nineties, through the post-conflict transition. Today I hosted this Summit to bring together leaders from across the Western Balkans and Europe to discuss our shared objective of ensuring our continent remains safe, stable, prosperous and free. And let me be completely clear – when we are outside the European Union, the UK will be just as committed to supporting the Western Balkans.' #WBSummitLondon

User (10/07/2018 21:13)
The 6 Ministers of Interior and Security of the Western Balkans committed to sharing law enforcement and counter-terrorism information in a “legal, timely, proactive, secure, high-quality, efficient and effective” manner. #WBSummitLondon https://bit.ly/2L6mTOJ

User (10/07/2018 20:57)
Министерот за Европа Сер Алан Данкан потврди денес дека Британија ќе инвестира 10 милиони фунти во Западен Балкан за развој на дигитални вештини. Британскиот Совет ќе обучува ученици во над 4 500 училишта во регионот за да се зајакне дигиталната писменост. #WBSummitLondon

User (10/07/2018 19:12)
Sir Alan Duncan, Minister for Europe underlines the importance of the Western Balkans for the UK as our interests and challenges are shared, in light of the #WBSummitLondon. You can read his text in Macedonian in Sakam da kazam https://bit.ly/2N6X69Q and in Albanian in Koha https://bit.ly/2L1zzX0

User (10/07/2018 15:57)
UK is expanding the Global-trade Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) across the Western Balkans, as part of plans to build a long-term partnership with the region. More than 20 entrepreneurs from Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania are part of the #WBSummitLondon, showcasing what they have to offer the UK market. https://bit.ly/2L0zmGK

User (09/07/2018 23:33)
"Стабилноста и безбедноста на Западниот Балкан е поврзана со стабилноста и безбедноста на Европа како целина“, вели сер Алан Данкан министер за Европа и Америка за Самитот за Западен Балкан што се одржува во Лондон 9-10 јули.

User (08/07/2018 00:13)
It's coming home! ⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #ENG #WorldCup

User (07/07/2018 20:18)
Embracing diversity #PrideMatters

User (07/07/2018 14:42)
UK is hosting the #WBLondonSummit reflecting the strong interest of the UK for the region. Here's why the Western Balkans matter to the UK

User (06/07/2018 16:32)
Prime Minister Zaev says that Macedonia's focus in the coming period is working on the Name Issue Agreement. For the region he expects it to strengthen the co-operation on the issues that matter for everyone. #WBSummitLondon.

User (05/07/2018 22:06)
We asked Nina Angelovska to tell us what the region needs and what are her expectations from the #WBSummitLondon. She says we should develop the digital skills of the people in the region to advance the economic development; that the region needs young visionaries who would lead the way to motivate youth's creativity. #WB6inLondon #WBSummitLondon.

User (04/07/2018 17:19)
Enhanced political cooperation and clear messages on how the region can contribute closely working with its European allies are among the expectations that Ljupco Petkovski has from the #WBSummitLondon. The Summit 9-10 July would focus on strengthening security co-operation, increasing economic stability and encourage political co-operation.

User (03/07/2018 18:08)
Ambassador Charles Garrett paid a farewell call to Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, ending his service in Macedonia. UK remains engaged to the Western Balkans region and Macedonia, and the discussions for our collaboration continue at the #WBSummitLondon 9-10 July

User (02/07/2018 20:11)
'Strengthened co-operation of the Governments and the civil societies of the region, as well as commititing to gender equality especially when it comes to women's participation in politics and their economic empowerement. Neda Calovska-Dimovska, a human rights specialist told us what are her expectations from the #WBSummitLondon and also about the challenges for inclusion of Macedonia. See the full video

User (28/06/2018 21:11)
Ambassador Charles Garrett paid a farewell call to Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski today. UK and Macedonia have strong bilateral security links. The conversations about our collaborative efforts to strengthen our collective security continue as we move forward to the #WBSummitLondon

User (27/06/2018 22:12)
Ambassador Charles Garrett met today the Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov for a farewell call. We have started the 2018 with the two of them reflecting on the strong UK-Macedonia relationship that has marked 25 years and continues to grow https://bit.ly/2yPeWMe

User (26/06/2018 21:30)
After four years of service in Macedonia Ambassador Charles Garrett paid a farewell call to President Ivanov today. The four eventful years have shown the strong UK-Macedonia partnership, which after a quarter of a century continues to deepen as Macedonia continues its Euro-Atlantic path.

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