P'yŏngyang, North Korea
Place Types : Subway Station, Transit Station
Address : Pyongyang, North Korea
Coordinate : 39.0320099, 125.7564686
Phone :
Email :
Rating : 2.50
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What Others Say About This Business:

User (07/04/2018 14:08)
Seriously, this place is amazing, 5 stars for effort ! Staff was very friendly and friendly to Americans.

User (21/03/2018 07:02)
there was so much room on the train because everyone is so thin!

User (06/01/2018 03:52)
This place really tingled my Tongil! I loved it! It was an amazing station, with people selling cigarettes everywhere!

User (10/11/2017 20:51)
Great place. Recommended for all US government officials.

User (12/10/2017 04:10)
If you were a real country you would have nuked Japan.

User (21/09/2017 01:06)
great time much wow

User (29/06/2017 13:45)
folk here are so small and thin, that two of the smuggled themselves into my coat pocket. I only found them when back at my hotel. The folk are nice though.

User (14/06/2017 12:36)
Great place to hide for the failed missile tests, A bit crowded and filled with annoying thin people always asking for food.

User (19/05/2017 10:31)
Needs better customer service. Would have looked nicer if the walls weren't colored with people's blood.

User (11/05/2017 16:04)
Great experience , too bad you have to say usa is the best

User (07/03/2017 22:46)
The bathrooms are nice; pictures of North Korean leaders looking at you, and making sure everything is going well.

User (23/02/2017 23:31)

User (30/01/2017 03:01)
Communism is cancer

User (13/12/2016 00:45)
Kim is pig

User (18/07/2016 19:32)

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