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Place Type : Dentist, Doctor, Health
Address : Near Ayurvedic College, Amkho Laskar, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474001, Amkhoh, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474001, India
Coordinate : 26.19014, 78.161072
Phone : +91 751 405 0086
Rating : 4.90
Website : www.gwaliordentalclinic.com
Opening Hours :
Monday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM
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What Other Say:

Jitendra Sharma (28/12/2017 16:24)
I had a very wonderful experience at Potdar Dental Hospital, I had an accident and lost my front teeth so I got fixed teeth implanted in my jaws . Beautiful arrangement of nice teeth are fixed to my upper and lower jaws through implants by Dr Potdar. in all the procedure s there were many appointments and lot's of care was taken at every step for verification and now I see the result.i can eat my food satisfactorily and my smile now is even better than before.

Abhishek Parmar (23/12/2017 16:22)
I got my braces treatment done at dr potdar's dental hospital, i had an amazing experience and throughout my treatment i had no problem at all.My facial look and smile improved that positively impacted my self confidence. I am impressed with the whole team at potdar dental hospital as they efficiently handle the patients and make them feel like home

M B Agarwal (21/11/2017 19:51)
I am a patient of Dr Potdar madam and sir since a decade and they are responsible for the wonderful condition of my teeth and my family. They are extremely patient and considerate to senior patients like me and my wife and never make us wait too long and are very gentle and compassionate
I feel very safe and comfortable whenever they treated me and relieved me of my pain every time. It feels like home away from home and Dr Potdars feel like family now- Thanks., M.B. Agarwal

Shivangi Kushwah (20/11/2017 01:53)
I was very upset with my teeth, they were in very bad shape then my office colleague referred me to Dr potdars. Dr potdars, both ma'am and sir explained me my treatment really well and I went further with their treatment. I can say now my teeth are perfectly aligned and I am so happy.

Omveer Rawat (31/10/2017 22:41)
Dr Potdar is one of the finest dental surgeon I have come across in Gwalior . Most importantly, the entire cavity management was done with a lot of ease to make me feel comfortable especially when I was under severe pain was very impressive. They are also good human beings as they help many poor patients as well, I noticed sitting in their waiting room . More such doctors are needed who still carry nobility in their profession.

Ashish Rai (23/09/2017 21:34)
I'm based in Singapore for the past 7 years and I get my treatment done every time at Dr Potdars dental hospital whenever I make a trip back home. Dr Potdars are extremely hard working and dedicated.Even on this trip he managed to finish my root canal treatment in just 2 sitting and accomodated my last minute appointment in his busy schedule.He did cosmetic capping for my front teeth and made it look so natural and simply amazing.well done dr Potdar.

Narendra Vyas (18/08/2017 16:10)
My search for painless dentistry ended with Dr Potdars dental hospital.The doctors are extremely patient and very experienced at their work.If you are someone who is scared of dentist then you should definitely visit Dr Potdars,also very affordable and hygienic.

Ranjit Pathak (18/08/2017 15:48)
I visited Dr Potdars for my dental examination and I was suggested root canal and crown.He examined my teeth and did a computerized xray and explained my problem in detail.I got my root canal treatment and zirconium crowns done completely painlessly.there pre treatment briefing was nice and very clear and therefore I was very comfortable during treatment. Clinic is very hygienic and spacious and has ample space for parking. My fear of dental treatment is now gone, thanks to Dr Potdar.

sanu Shrivastav (30/06/2017 14:18)
Potdar dental is the best dental doctor in Gwalior. My daughter had crooked teeth because of which we were very concerned as we wanted only the best treatment for her.thankfully we met Dr potdar in time and they guided us for the treatment very well .It's just 3months into the treatment and the results are already appreciated. we would thank them for their wonderful work and treatment

anoop darira (15/06/2017 22:22)
I have been coming to dr potdar for nearly 10 year's and I am very impressed with their hardworking nature and diligence.got several bad teeth removed and artificial teeth placed with implants.must say their work is flawless

ravindra singh (15/06/2017 15:10)
I had severe dental pain so I went to Dr potdar for treatment. He handled my case with very gentle and kind manner. Now I am completely pain free

vikas joshi (16/05/2017 15:47)
Potdar dental centre is a dental hospital with a difference. Personalized care, latest treatment and skilled doctors under one roof with great ambience. My brother had to appear for his army exam and had pain in his tooth. He had only one day with him so we thought treatment will not be possible but Dr Potdar did excellent job in just one day and he got selected in his physical. I highly recommend them to all my friends and family

Yogita Sharma (19/04/2017 11:51)
I had a cavity in my tooth. I was very nervous in going to the dentist. Word dentist used to scare me a lot!!!!. But my brother insisted me to go to Potdars, they are quite well known in Gwalior and so I went to them and got a filling. I am quite happy and now I am not scared of dentists.

Naman Chaurasiya (12/04/2017 14:54)
I had my tooth extracted by them and then I got some cleaning done of my teeth. I must say they did my treatment really well. I'm a satisfied patient of theirs.

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