Angel Stone Technique is an Entrance to a living luxury. The fast growing company believes that every marvellous piece of art is shaped out of a stone with the expertise of an artist's vision. Dwell with the art that will bring you to luxury and aesthetic of living…! Spreading the glory, the company had held the strength with the Founder, Mahendra Singh Gurjar's expertise since 32 years. The man behind carving angel like beauty out of stones with his empowering vision to bring culture served with quality. The company based officially in Ahmedabad and was named Angel Stone Technique in 2016. The Grandeur state of living, what Angel Stone Technique stands for is the immeasurable craftsmanship to bring out a personality in living space. With minute detailed work polished till the tip, one can feel splendid magnificence and hence leaving an intriguing breathless impression. We claim our quality standards to bring striking perfection that will be carved in memory for a lifetime.We thrive to bring culture and style statements along with varied areas of experience. Our work is a reflection of detailed observation as well as aesthetic knowledge of the site and structure. With years of experience we are skilled to bring out the soul out of stone through the reflection of culture such as Indian, European as well as Arabian.

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Location :
Judges Bungalow Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015