Terminal Bus Mengwi

Bali, Indonesia
Place Types : Bus Station, Transit Station
Address : Jl. Mengwi-Mengwitani, Mengwitani, Mengwi, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351, Indonesia
Coordinate : -8.5594149, 115.168226
Phone :
Email :
Rating : 2.60
Opening Hours :
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours


Terminal Bus Mengwi - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipPP2BS9mjO1bDWBzL1Yt-yYGv9JZoQP1TR9ZCKS=s1600-w400 Terminal Bus Mengwi - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipOXAcqksQZZ4_oIPmKoKI4rEqP4rAwaAUMWF2uN=s1600-w400 Terminal Bus Mengwi - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipNV5foTHHH-EMrL108Qqok3NCC93Zoic3XmBHLv=s1600-w400 Terminal Bus Mengwi - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipOtMO-JtIdlVis4rwQc2KtRRi3gytbvPvf_p2VE=s1600-w400 Terminal Bus Mengwi - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipM5_GKsYKKZLqiFwC339_aN5PgO9oFAwer52Y0m=s1600-w400 Terminal Bus Mengwi - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipNiVPYYx8v3JIjLFJ3unX6La6rxcBuNWlYhtzvo=s1600-w400 Terminal Bus Mengwi - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipNYdBCvCY2MYaHYJx2n8Rcby1tz_1QfgKKTsCrp=s1600-w400 Terminal Bus Mengwi - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipMBq0fj0l2jHR8tOYZ87egW-uINxCv9l3_WZnlz=s1600-w400 Terminal Bus Mengwi - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipN8SOVyuAouM4QOEekFIemmI3TR8SqN9AMEPTqM=s1600-w400 Terminal Bus Mengwi - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipPQL49cUNOAjaiVGP3yhiz9kJSaMlknJtSXVfjA=s1600-w400 Terminal Bus Mengwi - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipOweLtpYcPDFArbaMXOhOfHbnnVpRciDfFzionz=s1600-w400
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What Others Say about this business:

User (19/11/2018 09:41)
Avoid getting off at this bus station, if you can. Our agency sold us a bus that supposedly went to Denpasar and they left us here. The taxi drivers were on us when we got off the bus, they chased us on foot and even by car! They told us to leave 5km. further afield if we were to ask for a Grab and that the driver was going to have problems if he was picking us up there (this was already pout of the station, on the street!). The best thing you can do is NOT to step on this bus station or go fast out, and go further without looking at your mobile. Tell them that the owner of your homestay comes to pick you up and go away.

User (01/11/2018 16:25)
The toilet cost Rp 3.000. The calo middle man welcome you and ask where you are going to go. Since we're going to Jembrana, just next district, they're not interesting to help. Of course they will charge for long distance passengers like to Java. It's a bit far from the city. Big sign NO GOJEK, GRAB, ONLY DROP OFF. Well ...

User (02/09/2018 09:54)
Overpriced taxis and its annoying drivers. Worst bus terminal I've ever been.
Better to use GRAB.

User (20/08/2018 13:15)
Dirty terminal. Depending on the destination you want to go, the ticket must be bought to the ticket office or to the bus driver directly. It seems that there's no official system to book ticket. Bus are crowded and dirty, and driver drive very quickly. But it's cheap, so...

User (04/07/2018 12:24)
Main bus terminal for Denpasar and Bali.
Big but sadly not well maintained and staffed.

For ticketing, you may go directly to the ticketing counter at departure area.

Bus fare to Java ranging from 75-200k rupiah depends on your destination and class.

If you are arrived here and want to go to Denpasar, you need to use van car for 30-40k per person

User (23/05/2018 21:24)
....actually cannot deserve as "bus station", public taxi is not available, and intimidate. Seems not safe enough, especialy at night/dawn. If you go to Denpasar, just make sure you can drop off f at Ubung Bus Terminal of Denpasar, OR, better you get off in Kediri/Tabanan (just before this bus station), then call metered taxi/online taxi... ;-((

User (16/04/2018 09:20)
Buat pemerintah Bali, perlu banyak perbaikan di Terminal Mengwi. Banyak pengunjung dari luar pulau sangat kecewa ketika tiba di Terminal Mengwi. Seharusnya sebagai Terminal utama penghubung antar pulau Mengwi mempunyai fasilitas umum yg baik. Toilet kotor. Penjaga Toilet tidak ramah. Minimnya tempat makan yang layak. Tidak nyaman untuk anak kecil. Tidak tersedianya tempat tunggu bagi pengunjung. Buruk

User (26/03/2018 19:13)
when i went out from a taxi, all the drivers were running towards me and kept asking where would i go which was frustating. they even fought because one driver was tryin to make me choose their bus. i was totally disappointed with the service. i went there at 7am and was trying to go back to malang at that time, and the driver of the bus i chose said we would go immediately. i would choose another bus but i already paid the ticket. and there i was being fooled and i waited for ages and finally they left at 1pm.

User (30/11/2017 17:02)
Please avoided this terminal at all cost if you arrival at late night is very dangerous expecially the foreigner/tourist. Try to drop off the nearest bus stop(kendiri/tabanan) before your bus arrive at this terminal and take the taxi meter or grab car from there, not at this terminal, because the majority bus driver from banyuwangi will push the passanger to drop at this terminal won't drop you at ubung terminal. Take caution because the taxi rate here is very expensive and driver taxi there also very aggressive and rough..the mobster also here too.

User (28/11/2017 20:55)
It's an old bus station terminal, not so safe at night time. They doesn't accept credit cards, only cash in here. There are few bar or café but are just "Indonesian" café, not organized for tourist or foreigners. For take a taxi u must use the ones inside the terminal, is like a mafia taxi driver. If you call taxi from out side you must walk out and hide yourself. It's a shame.

User (25/10/2017 11:20)
A very bad bus station ever. So many mobsters or mafia here and it's unsafe!

User (02/10/2017 12:32)
Very grand setup, but totally deserted except for a few taxis that demand ridiculous fares.. just walk away and get an Uber or Grab on the main road

User (28/09/2017 14:34)
....actually cannot deserve as "bus station", public taxi is not available, and intimidate. Seems not safe enough, especialy at night/dawn. If you got o Denpasar, just make sure you can drop of at Ubung Bus Terminal of Denpasar, OR, better you get off in Kediri/Tabanan (just before this bus station), then call metered taxi/Grab... ;-((

User (18/05/2017 17:42)
Taxi mafia rules here. Prices are set and are at least twice the going rate. Ride-sharing services have been so intimidated that no one will pick you up if you are anywhere in the vicinity of the bus station. Shared taxis to Udung (where metered taxis are available) are also impossible to get at a reasonable price as a foreigner.

Avoid coming through this station if you can or arrange a ride with your hotel in advance if there is no alternative.

User (04/05/2017 14:04)
Don't order a grab taxi here, all grab drivers will probably cancel as local drivers will scare them, beat them and in the end they will attack you. True story.

Probably best to go away a few hundred meters and order someone from there.

User (11/04/2017 14:30)
Be really careful there, especially in the night.

The local private taxidrivers (there are no official taxis and uber is "not allowed") act totally crazy.

We organized a pick up by our Hotel (because we arrived midnight at Mengwi) and one of the taxi drivers attacked our driver because he thinks that he stole "his" guests.

Dangerous Place, if you could. Skip Mengwi and drive further to Denbasar.

User (08/04/2017 09:49)
Don't go to this station the taxi drivers cheat you and are very aggressive in case you stranded there and want to take a Grab or Uber taxi.
The taxi driver even hunted us!!!
Very dangerous place!!!
Please make sure you do not take a bus to this place!!! Especially a fast bus from Banjuwangji

User (02/04/2017 13:29)
Easy to get private taxi/driver to other surrounding areas. Cost 200k to go to Ubud

User (30/03/2017 21:08)
This area has a lot of driver that give a very expensive rate which no uber or taxi allowed in this area. If you go for a bus to denpasar, just make sure the route end in Ubung Terminal. Quite dangerous if you travel alone. Just please be carefull.

User (14/03/2017 13:04)
I found crazy taxi driver who act like yakuza..

User (12/12/2016 03:19)
Terminal mengwi BALI, is the best

User (07/10/2016 15:04)
Not a tourist friendly at all. Taxi is expensive to go kuta town. Better make sure your stop station is Ubung Terminal

User (04/10/2016 23:30)
There is Blue bus (SARBAGITA).
It will take you to Dewa ruci roundabout in Kuta.
6PM is the last bus.

User (14/05/2016 11:50)
Ok..we must just worship Allah S.W,T.

User (14/05/2016 11:28)
No public taxis are allowed to go there. If you want to continue your journey from there you have to take an expensive unofficial taxi or go to Denpasar bus terminal by shared mini bus. There you can get official taxis and private cars for a reasonably price.

User (12/05/2016 14:57)
Public Bus station from Java

User (11/04/2016 06:49)
Terminalnya besar, bersih dan khas bali

User (29/12/2015 09:13)
good place and free wifi .. :)

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