We're breaking rules and rebelling against unnecessary seriousness. We love innovative, unorthodox ways to solve a problem. We're free from boring marketing nonsense and unnecessary boundaries. We mix creative and analytical thinking. Eg: we synchronize classic TV ads and mobile app ads, which is still rare anywhere in the world. We promise to make marketing more effective, using state-of-the-art methods and measuring everything – to shift from subjective marketing decisions to evidence based ones.We reject the idea thata catchy position should determine the value of an idea,marketing nonsense is the normal way of doing business,ineffective and outdated dogma can be justified in marketing. We believe inmeasuring and testing the efficiency of an idea,learning and reading constantly about creative solutions,doing business in a lean way

Tags : #MarketingAdvertising, #PerfromanceMarketing, #CombiningCreativeAnalyiticalTasks, #MeasuringBrandingCampaingsEffectiveness, #StrategyThinking

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99 Krisztina körút, Budapest 1013