The Moringa Farm Project



The Moringa Farm Project is a $1.5Million development project based near the town of Gabu in the North East of Guinea Bissau. The most important factor of our productions is the guarantee 100% BIO standard of all our products. This includes absolutely no use of fertilisers, intrants or chemical substances of any kind, and the seeds used are non G.N.O.A large amount of work creation is involved, which as well as the 40 to 50 all year around jobs, another 200 – 300 seasonal workers will be needed for the harvest of the seed pods. This alone will have a very positive impact on the surrounding villages, and of course will improve dramatically the level of living.The two main products of our farm are, Moringa oleifera leaf powder, and Moringa Oil, also known as BEN OIL. The farm has a total area of 150Ha, upon which two production units are based, and can easily be extended to 300Ha.

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