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Place Type : Shopping Mall, Deli, Shopping & Retail
Address : Ξενίας, 84600 Míkonos
Coordinate : 37.4440074987, 25.3271314502
Phone : 2289028336
Rating : -
Facebook : facebook.com/ savvasmykonos
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Website : www.savvasmykonos.gr
Opening Hours :
Monday: 09:00 - 00:00
Tuesday: 09:00 - 00:00
Wednesday: 09:00 - 00:00
Thursday: 09:00 - 00:00
Friday: 09:00 - 00:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 00:00
Sunday: 09:00 - 00:00
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Savvas Savvas Savvas Savvas

About The Business:

A selection of the finest Greek products! Extra virgin olive oil, honey, greek traditional spices and herbs, greek desserts and a huge variety of wines.


Having 25 years of experience in traditional and qualitatively products, we continue our journey in the footsteps of Mparmpa-Savvas.

Under his guidance, we are seeking for products from all around Greece, aiming to keep the tradition alive!

By focusing primarily on the quality, we offer fine traditional products straight from the independent Greek producers, such us cheece, legumes, olives, olive oil, honey, wine, loukoumia, pastels, cold meats as well as several local delicacies.

So just taste Greece!

What Other Say:

Facebook Admin (26/05/2019 23:30)
|| a special gift , for your special person|| [This wooden bowl ,made by olives,includes the traditional innovative olive oil with exclusive use of millstones]

Facebook Admin (17/04/2019 21:29)
Jams from the Cyclades!!

Facebook Admin (22/03/2019 05:01)
Taste Greece!🇬🇷

Facebook Admin (12/03/2019 20:54)
Opening season coming soon to you with the largest collection of Greek quality products. SAVVAS 2019

Facebook Admin (24/12/2018 18:44)
🎄 May this Christmas be more than just a season, but a way of life. 🎄 Savvas wishes you the Best. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Facebook Admin (31/10/2018 20:56)
Pamako is a high phenolic olive oil thats comes from the island of Crete.
. #pamako #greece #savvasmykonos #mykonos #crete #oliveoil #highphenolic #gourmet #taste #tastegreece #greekdeli #qualityproducts #aegean #delicatessen

Facebook Admin (28/09/2018 00:32)
Gifts from Greece 🎁🇬🇷

Facebook Admin (18/09/2018 00:16)
Armakadi gift box with selection of infused olive oils.

Facebook Admin (06/09/2018 23:35)
Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy for the body 🍯🐝

Facebook Admin (17/08/2018 17:35)
Looking for the biggest selection of Greek Traditional Products? Of course you can find them at Savvas, located behind windmills at Chora of Mykonos.

Facebook Admin (17/08/2018 00:15)
Chrisomelo the nectar of Gods.

Facebook Admin (13/07/2018 18:08)
Choices choices choices!!!

Facebook Admin (11/07/2018 18:14)
--The door to tasting Greece -- We have the biggest selection of Greek Quality Products. Find us behind the windmills in Chora, Mykonos. For more: https://bit.ly/2Kq9a9f

Facebook Admin (07/07/2018 01:38)
Let us make your life sweeter! 🍯

Facebook Admin (06/07/2018 00:35)
Olía Olive Oil Exclusively at SAVVAS Mýkonos.

Facebook Admin (05/07/2018 02:10)
Tea o’clock? How about some Greek Mountain Tea? ☕️

Facebook Admin (04/07/2018 03:38)
Forest Honey: bees collect honeydew from trees instead of gathering the nectar from the flowers. At SAVVAS we have every type of honey there is. VISIT US! 🐝

Facebook Admin (03/07/2018 17:23)
When you are at savvas, you have a true taste of magical Greece. Come visit us near the windmills ⚜️🇬🇷

Facebook Admin (03/07/2018 01:19)
Sunset Stories 🌅

Facebook Admin (02/07/2018 17:30)
Take a look inside the SAVVAS world, a deli, with the best quality Greek products. Everything from olive oil, marmalades, sweets, honey and much more! Visit us near the windmills! More info : https://bit.ly/2Kq9a9f

Facebook Admin (30/06/2018 22:35)
Mystery l’elixir with gold and Mystery bio saffron repair cellular & regenerating oil.

Facebook Admin (29/06/2018 22:02)
Take a look inside the SAVVAS world, a deli, with the best quality Greek products. Everything from olive oil, marmalades, sweets, honey and much more! Visit us near the windmills!

Facebook Admin (23/06/2018 18:43)
The shopping you can’t miss while in Mykonos!

Facebook Admin (18/06/2018 01:43)
Our welcome basket for @kelemykonos !

Facebook Admin (17/06/2018 00:37)
Tradicional Greek sweet with whole pistachios inside. 🇬🇷

Facebook Admin (16/06/2018 02:29)

Facebook Admin (10/10/2017 13:50)
Just take a little taste of Greek traditional products. Discover more here: https://goo.gl/BHy3er and taste them all at our store in Mykonos Island.

Stavrovla Spiliopovlov
The best!!!!!

Nectaria Peradonaki
Great products, great people!!!

Lefteris Fiorentinos
Great Products by great people at a great place ! Bravoooooooooo!

Jill Magwenzi
Excellent, friendly service and another reason for me to return to Mykonos!!!!

Iria Rodopoulou
Το καλύτερο μαγαζι στην μυκονο!!!!!!

Fo Cartoon
The place to B for real original Greek products!

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