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Place Type : Establishment, Vacation Home Rental
Address : Ornos, 84600 Mýkonos, Kikladhes, Greece
Coordinate : 37.4253206332, 25.3222846985
Rating : 5.00
Facebook : facebook.com/ 125304051410090
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About The Business:

Located in Ornos, Mykonos, this traditional Mykonian style house is ideal for families with children, groups of friends and kitesurf lovers.


Ideally located, this three bedroom two bathroom traditional Mykonian style house is perfect for families with children, groups of friends and kitesurf lovers. The house being part of a mostly family owned complex is located on the first floor and has access to the beautiful common swimming pool. The house is situated between two beaches. Ornos beach is 400 m away and Korfos Bay is about 100 m, both within walking distance. Ornos beach is family friendly, with many restaurants ranging from high end sushi to local souvlaki shop, organized with umbrellas and deck chairs, family sports and water taxis that can take you to most of the other beaches of the island of Mykonos. Korfos is a sport oriented bay where the local kite surf and windsurf clubs reside. Next to the complex is the Mykonos Stadium that you could use for your daily jog.

What Other Say:

Google User (13/12/2019 19:03)
We are wishing all our followers, guests and friends Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! from Mykonos, Greece.

Google User (10/12/2019 17:59)
Mykonos, Greece!
via Mykonos Secrets

Google User (02/12/2019 11:52)
Winter hues in Mykonos, Greece. Still beautiful! By Mykonos Secrets

Google User (29/11/2019 17:43)
If you wish having a view like this, then #mykonos is your place for next summer!!!

Google User (26/11/2019 17:53)
Goodmorning from Greece!!!

Google User (17/11/2019 15:50)
Mykonos, Greece. Cosmopolitan? Hell, yes. But, there is always a secret place for an easy dinner for two!

Google User (15/11/2019 17:33)
Beautiful colors in Mykonos, Greece

Google User (13/11/2019 20:00)
Rineia island is an uninhabited island next to Mykonos. Cruising around the #rineia island with a private boat, will reveal you amazing swimming spots and the most #tyrquoisewaters you have ever seen ⛵🚤🛥️ Just some ideas on summer 2020!

Google User (06/11/2019 13:24)
Any plans for next summer already?

Google User (30/10/2019 03:42)
The weather in Mykonos is still sunny and a stroll around the Matogiannia district is a must do experience ☀️ Agia Kyriaki Church, Matogiannia, Mykonos Chora, Greece.

Google User (26/10/2019 14:07)
it is quiet today, but sunny and warm! Mykonos town alleys, Mykonos.

Google User (20/10/2019 23:26)
Mykonos town, sunset time!

Google User (13/10/2019 12:34)
Mykonos alleys blasting in colours!

Google User (09/10/2019 17:56)
Autumn hues during sunset in Mykonos, Greece.

Google User (08/10/2019 15:17)
Gorgeous dreamgirls enjoying the veranda of our dreamhouse! Thank you girls!

Google User (02/10/2019 02:47)
Tonight in Mykonos!

Google User (21/09/2019 04:33)
Mykonos, Greece.

Google User (19/06/2019 03:03)
Are you ready for dinner? Enjoy Mykonos tonight, such a calm night!

Google User (14/06/2019 18:36)
A beautiful red and white Mykonos picture to welcome the summer! 😁

Google User (14/06/2019 00:07)
Elia Beach, Mykonos island, Greece!

Google User (11/06/2019 15:34)
Grab your #pitagyros and wander around the alleys of Mykonos 😎🥙 #visitmykonos #mykonoslife #mykonoslovers #destinationmykonos #mykonos #souvlaki #traditionalfood

Google User (10/06/2019 00:30)
Amazing sunset! Summer is here!

Google User (04/06/2019 03:00)
Mykonos alleys! Strolling at its best!

Google User (30/05/2019 17:57)
Agia Anna beach, Mykonos! The place to be!

Google User (28/05/2019 15:00)
Glorious day! This is Kalo Livadi beach in Mykonos, Greece! Have a wonderful morning!

Google User (27/05/2019 23:58)
Dinnertime overlooking the sea! Mykonos island, Greece!

Google User (27/05/2019 02:45)
Ftelia beach, Mykonos, Greece!

Google User (25/05/2019 04:25)
Just a glimpse of the myconian sky!

Google User (23/05/2019 14:27)
Which painting will you pick as a remembrance of #mykonos ? 🎨🖼

Google User (19/05/2019 13:46)
While sailing in Mykonos...

Google User (17/05/2019 00:04)
Feeling romantic!

Google User (15/05/2019 16:00)
Trendsetters and celebrities meet up at Psarrou beach! How many yachts can you count?

Google User (21/12/2018 20:23)
It is cold but sunny! Empty Mykonos alleys during wintertime!

Google User (20/12/2018 20:21)
Agia Kyriaki Orthodox church in Mykonos Chora, Mykonos, Greece.

Google User (19/12/2018 19:50)
If you are a prince... or a princess.... walk down this pathway to the beach! Principote, Panormos beach, Mykonos 🏖 #mykonos

Google User (18/12/2018 19:43)
Happy moments of last summer! Overview of Mykonos town during sunset.

Google User (17/12/2018 19:39)
If you love watching the sunsets away from the crowds, a visit to the Armenistis lighthouse, in the northern side of Mykonos, is ideal for you! 🌅 #lighthouse #myconos #lovemykonos #mykonos #sunsetinmykonos #sunset #faros

Google User (16/12/2018 19:29)
Surprisingly sunny weather today!

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Google User (12/12/2018 19:07)
It's rather windy today!

Google User (11/12/2018 19:02)
Cutest clinic ever! Can I get sick please?

Google User (10/12/2018 18:58)
As empty and quiet it can get...

Google User (09/12/2018 18:57)
Christmas is around the corner, but I need my vitamin sea! Mykonos, Greece. #mykonos #mykonosbeach #beachlife

Google User (08/12/2018 18:56)
yeap! feeling silly under the windmills of Mykonos!

Google User (07/12/2018 18:53)
Can't wait til it's summer again! Mykonos town overview.

Google User (06/12/2018 18:49)
This is a beautiful sunset in Mykonos in wintertime!

Google User (05/12/2018 18:32)
View from Ornos beach, Mykonos, Greece!

Google User (28/11/2018 04:03)
Mykonos island, Greece. #mykonos #myconos

Google User (29/10/2018 04:20)
Skorpios, Mykonos.

Google User (14/10/2018 23:24)
"Little Venice" district in Mykonos Town, Greece.

Google User (21/09/2018 23:13)
Encounter with Mykonos mascot, Peter the pelican!

Google User
Ben met 2 kids naar Mykonos gevlogen en heb dit huis gehuurd. Na de landing stond er iemand klaar, met hem op weg naar het huis.

Bij aankomst van ons huis werden we overvallen door door de kwaliteit. Wat is dit huis mooi. Alles is aanwezig, handdoeken, badlakens etc. Bedden zijn echt super. Wat het leuke is dat de winkels, bakker en supermarkt op 2 minuten zijn, maar nog belangrijker het strand. Zelfs de stad is maar 20 minuten lopen.

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