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Place Type : Finance, Financial Planner
Address : 35 Agias Varvaras str., 15231 Athens, Greece
Coordinate : 38.01312, 23.78398
Phone : 2168001226
Rating : 5.00
Facebook : facebook.com/ KM3AM
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Website : www.km3.gr
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About The Business:

We are an independent asset management firm with a pure focus in managing wealth. Our firm is the result of a team effort, a synthesis of talents with a rare combination of private banking and asset management skills.


Financial Service

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Facebook Admin (11/06/2019 16:54)
US interest rate markets currently price-in three rate cuts from the Federal Reserve by year-end!

Facebook Admin (14/05/2019 20:15)
In his 1936 classic work ‘The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money’, John Maynard Keynes coined the term animal spirits to describe human propensity to follow instincts, in the now famous passage that investing is «a spontaneous urge to action rather than inaction, and not the outcome of a weighted average of quantitative benefits multiplied by quantitative probabilities».

Facebook Admin (29/03/2019 18:08)
http://www.km3.gr/your-investment-decisio ns/

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Facebook Admin (30/01/2019 21:26)
“Markets can be seen as a black-box covered by a veil. They are many times unpredictable, difficult to control and anticipation from market participants makes things even more complicated” -Benoit Mandelbrot
In this report, he hope we can give to our readers an idea of what lies ahead in the markets for 2019!
... http://www.km3.gr/market-outlook-2019-doc ument-pdf/
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Facebook Admin (22/01/2019 22:08)
ECB balance sheet hit fresh all time high at € 4,7 trillion.
ECB balance sheet now equates to record 42% of Eurozone GDP, while Fed’s balance sheet has shrank to 19.6% of US’ GDP

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http://www.km3.gr/what-is-systematic-inve sting-in-a-nutshe…/

Facebook Admin (08/10/2018 17:56)
Nobel Prize goes to the great Bill Nordhaus -- the founder of modern environmental economics, joint with Paul Romer, who founded the modern innovation-driven approach to understanding economic growth.

Facebook Admin (05/09/2018 17:22)
"Principles For Success " by Ray Dalio.. http://www.km3.gr/

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Ride with us !! http://www.km3.gr/

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Ride with us !! http://www.km3.gr/2018/03/14/525/

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Ride with Us
A beautiful morning, here in Athens, your’s truly will share with you something personal … our story.In our late forties, we proudly achieved a long standing goal: to establish our own wealth management firm. As of late 2017 we are now running an independent multi-licenced portfolio management firm that is designed to offer services to high-net-worth clients. The timing couldn’t be worst: excessive regulation, excessive taxes and markets at all time highs.
Brave ...
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