ANKOBRA WEST RURAL BANK PLC is a sturdy financial institution in the Western Region of the Republic of Ghana. It was incorporated as a limited liability company on May 16, 1977 and was permitted to commence the business of Banking on July 30, 1978 as the fourth Rural Bank in Ghana, and the first in the Western Region.With the overwhelming experience and exposure obtained since its inception, the main focus of the Bank is to strive to be unique when providing services to our varied clients. To this extent, Ankobra West Rural Bank PLC provides customized services that meet the specific demands of our customers. Currently, the Bank has a customer base of about 25,000 and we are seeking to expand this by attracting players of the value chain of cash crops especially cocoa, cashew, rubber, and palm oil. Our strategy is to obtain feedback of the services rendered and implement continuous improvement in our service delivery strategy in order to stay a step ahead of our competitors. This satisfies our aim of becoming a leading brand and pace setter in the Rural and Community Banking industry by the end of the financial year ended 2026. The decentralized system of operation of the Bank is structured to serve our clients in the most efficient and effective way using the best possible and acceptable way. This is why our clients continue to find our service delivery to be very flexible, cheaper and tailored to their diversified needs, and as a result benefit from sustainable customized solutions.

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Location :
Esiama, Western Region