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Place Type : Public & Government Service, Residence
Address : Heiðavegur 26, 600 Saltangará, Faroe Islands
Coordinate : 62.1105506461, -6.72283288809
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Phone : +298 417000
Email :
Social : facebook.com/ 972864669453078
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Website : www.nbccrunavik.com
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About The Business:

The municipality of Runavík has been awarded the honour of representing the Faroe Islands in the Nordic Built Cities Challenge "the vertical challenge".


Runavíkar municipality has been awarded the honour of representing the Faroe Islands in the Nordic Built cities Challenge. Our challenge is called "The vertical challenge" and the aim is to find innovative and sustainable solutions for building family homes on a steep terrain.

On 5th of november is match-making happening in Stockholm, where all 6 challenges are presented and the aim of the event, is to team up with nordic colleagues. Read more and register here:
NOTE: The event is free of charge, and Nordic Innovation is offering participants the opportunity to get their travel costs reimbursed with 3.000 NOK (read more in the registration scheme).

On 13th of november is the local site visit in Runavik. We will visit the site and the surrounding area - sportshall Bylgjan, municiaplity school við Løkin and the nearby harbour and shopping area.
To register for this event, send an email to janus@runavik.fo with the following information: name, company, number of participants

On the 17th of december is the deadline for the first stage of the competition. Hereafter 4 finalists are found, and each of them will win 300.000 NOK (read the competition material for further details)

You are most welcome to contact us for further information.

Competition hashtags
# nordicbuiltcities
# nordicbuiltcitiesrunavik

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