NET Rosalie: Saving Endangered Sea Turtles

Saint David, Dominica
Place Types : Nonprofit Organization
Address : Rosalie Beach, N/A Rosalie, Dominica
Coordinate : 15.3667, -61.2667
Phone : +17676172604
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Rating : 5.00
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About the Business:

Nature Enhancement Team (NET) in Rosalie, Dominica is the Community Sea Turtle Organization that helps protect three species of critically endangered turtles.

More Information:

A NET Rosalie Turtle Tour is an adventure you deserve to experience. Witness the nesting ritual of our gentle sea turtles or the tiny crawls of hatchlings heading for the ocean. Interact with knowledgeable NET Tour Guides and dedicated NET Beach Patrollers. Enrich yourself with memories you will cherish for life. Join Us!

Rosalie is a favorite nesting site for three species of endangered Sea Turtles. Every year, Leatherbacks (March-July) as well as Greens and Hawksbills (July-September) visit to lay their eggs. Throughout the nesting season, members of the Nature Enhancement Team (NET) patrol the beach (from dusk to dawn) every night. They protect nesting turtles, safeguard vulnerable eggs and rescue baby hatchlings trapped by beach debris or disoriented by lights. During your stay here on the Nature Isle, let NET tour guides share this amazing adventure with you.