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Yer Türleri : Restoran, Gıda
Adres : Christiana Court, Shop 2& 3, John F. Kennedy,, Limassol 3106, Cyprus
Koordinat : 34.686422, 33.058658
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Telefon : +357 25 586711
E-posta :
Değerlendirme : 4.60
İnternet Sitesi : cleopatra-restaurant.com.cy
Açılış Saatleri :
Pazartesi: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Salı: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Çarşamba: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Perşembe: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Cuma: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Cumartesi: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Pazar: Kapalı
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Başka Ne Der:

User (11/04/2018 03:07)
Lovely feed, incredibly warm and welcoming hosts. Wine wasn't to my taste but I can't cost them a star on it as the wine list is so vast everything can't suit everyone's tastes.

User (09/04/2018 12:22)
I ate very good there. Good food,excelent staff. I recommand it

User (03/04/2018 12:38)
Some can say it's hospitality but for me it was annoying.I don't need someone to stand on my head to tell me what to eat and force it on me.This me I don't know about you.
The food is good generally but it was'nt what I expected.
The total atmosphere is generally good.

User (27/03/2018 00:38)
The food here was magnificent and the service excellent. The food took some time to arrive but that was evidentially because all food was cooked fresh. Good vegan options too.

User (04/02/2018 15:03)
Very good and tasty food. Nice and friendly staff. We will definitely come back 👍

User (16/12/2017 03:06)
Best Lebanese food and people with smile and behaviour

User (12/12/2017 22:12)
I've eaten Lebanese food from NY to UK, LA to Florence, IT. This is the best I've had yet. The presentation, taste, texture, all awesome. Would give more starts.

User (16/11/2017 21:01)
WAH.... this is the TOP and BEST Lebanese food in the world in Cyprus. All the food ingredient is fresh and cooking time is at every dishes perfect timing and served on table. Never miss this place if you are in Cyprus.

User (13/10/2017 23:25)
Lovely evening with great food and wine. Service was just right from Alex who was attentive without getting in the way of a romantic meal. Will be back whilst we are in the area.

User (04/10/2017 04:10)

My partner and I had spent a week in Limassol and as u may gather it isn't the greatest location for vegans as most products is diary based and some randomly cooked in butter lol

But this restaurant we had stumbled upon on our 3rd to last day and wished we had seen it sooner.

The food was amazing and the staff was just as good. Only took us to order 2 items off the menu and the staff member asked straight away if we were vegan. Which is a rarity even in London sometimes on people's understanding of vegan.

So we highly recommend here if your struggling for veggie or vegan food.

Was a good price not too cheap and not too expensive. Good balance and very clean.

User (16/09/2017 21:33)
One on top for vegan and vegetarian. Great menu. Friendly staff.

User (26/08/2017 20:17)
Tasty food but quite pricey. As for a bottle of beer 8 euros? Really?

User (30/06/2017 18:18)
Everything in the Lebanese Meze was absolutely delicious. Very reasonably priced with great service, fresh ingredients and a very tasty menu.

User (17/06/2017 01:18)
Visited at least 10 restaurants in Limassol. The cleopatra the best. Very very tasty food.

User (23/05/2017 03:11)
Incredible food and a fantastically diverse menu. We shared 4 appetizers an entree and a bottle of wine, and we loved them all. Highly recommend this restaurant.

User (05/03/2017 18:45)
great lebanese and cypriot food!

User (22/11/2016 21:53)
Wonderful atmosphere, great music, AWESOME food and not too expensive.
It is a family run restaurant with a cozy atmosphere. Prices are very reasonable for the quality and quantity of food. If you want to try a real selection of traditional lebanese food I would suggest the Lebanese Meze (€18, minimum 2 people) which covers both starter and main course and plenty of them.
One of the best lebanese restaurants i've found in Cyprus.

User (07/10/2016 05:01)
Food completely average, service is the same. Starters came with main food. Usual cypriot cuisine. Completely so called average labanese rastaurant.

User (20/09/2016 01:53)
Best food you can get, amazing decoration with a very friendly staff, must try

User (17/09/2016 01:51)
Unbelievable food. Really tasty. Fresh food. Friendly service. I would highly recommend to any one! Outstanding

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