Sea to Sky NANA (Neighbourhood Animals Needing Assistance)


Created in February 2012 by Squamish resident Randi Olson, Sea to Sky NANA(Neighbourhood Animals Needing Assistance) helps with lost and found pets in the Sea to Sky corridor.


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Lost and Found Pets in the Sea to Sky area. Please feel free to post your lost pet or if you have found a pet. Be sure to put all of your contact info as well as a description of the animal and a photo if possible. Dog licenses and ID tags go a long way in helping others reunite you with your lost pet so please make sure you have current information on your pets.

If you have found or lost an animal, please call the SPCA or the District Animal Control as well.

SPCA : 604-898-9890
Animal Control : 604-815-6866

Whistler Animal Control: 604-935-8280
Whistler Animals Galore(WAG): 604-935-8364
Pemberton Animal Control: 604-905-8105

Injured pets, please call one of the local Vet offices.


Wildsafe BC (Squamish) 604-815-5066

RAPP line(Conservation Services) 1-877-952-7277 or #7277 from your cell phone

Wildlife Rescue Association Burnaby 604-526-7275 (For wildlife in distress call the WRA Care Centre at 604.526.7275)

Critter Care Wildlife Society 604-530-2064

** REMEMBER** this page is for SEA to SKY pets in need, so please only share with residents of the area. Thank you.


On occasion we will also provide support for animals in need by posting events that will benefit animals. ie; fundraisers etc. Such events will of course be for animals in the Squamish area. We also will send out "warnings" regarding wildlife if we feel the need.

We can only provide details from which are posted, we are not responsible for any incorrect information that is shared.

Also we work with a certain size photo template and if there is a copyright or watermark that does not fit within that frame we do not have the volunteers to start editing photos. If your are going to send a photo with watermarks or copyrights, have that done prior to sending it to us. NO company logos, we are not advertising for your photos.

This page was set up for owners and others to post the lost or found animal. We will do our best to share/post any lost or found pets during the day but this may not always be the case as the site is not monitored 24/7.

A lost or found animal will be posted on our wall until the owner tells us to take it down or once it is found. We will post a reminder occasionally to refresh peoples memories. It is up to the owners to help keep the page updated and ask for the posting to continue if they feel it is still probable that the pet is still in the area.

NANA has the right to delete persons who we feel are not from our community or if we feel the name is not legit. We will delete rude comments without warning. Any persons who continue to be rude will be deleted and banned from the page.


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