Nadine Emberley, founder and owner of Reiki on the Rock has been a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2007 and offers in-person and distance sessions and courses.


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Hi, my name is Nadine Emberley. I am a reiki Master/Teacher and certified in Reflexology. My spiritual path started within a few short days of my father's passing in 2007. As an intuitive, that takes the shape of "knowing" and empathy, my fathers presence was felt instantly after his death, more so than when he was alive. I felt a strong "push" to start a new path as a healer without even knowing what this path looked like, without previous knowledge of reiki or the beliefs of the spiritual world. I just knew with all that I am, I had to take a reiki course before I even went for a session.

Now as a Reiki Master, one of my biggest joys is helping people through hard times and blocks, seeing the light in their eyes after a session and help to bring back the peace they are searching for.


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