Offline Board Game Cafe

New Brunswick, Canada
Place Types : Arts & Entertainment, Cafe, Restaurant
Address : 98 Prince William Street, Saint John, New Brunswick E2L2B3
Coordinate : 45.2959619778, -66.0390329361
Phone : 5066313333
Email :
Parking : street
Payment : amex, cash_only, discover, mastercard, visa
Services : groups, kids, reserve
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Offline Board Game Cafe?

    Offline Board Game Cafe is an Arts & Entertainment, located at: 98 Prince William Street, Saint John, New Brunswick E2L2B3.

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    We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs:
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  • What is the phone number of Offline Board Game Cafe?

    You can try to dialing this number: 5066313333 - or find more information on their website:

  • How can I go to Offline Board Game Cafe?

    You can use the Google Maps navigation app:
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  • Where are the coordinates of the Offline Board Game Cafe?

    Latitude: 45.2959619778
    Longitude: -66.0390329361

About the Offline Board Game Cafe Business:

Offline BGC is Saint John's first board game cafe! Come visit us at our new Uptown home, 98 Prince William Street!

What Others Say about Offline Board Game Cafe:

User (07/09/2018 03:10)
We are busy designing a new and exciting cafe experience for you! We are in love with our new heritage building home (all of the details you have been asking for are coming in a couple of weeks!) and we are going to veer in an ever-so-slightly different design direction. After we expanded last year to create the annex on Rothesay Ave, we loved the aesthetic of the warm wood tones. We have decided we'd like more of that please, and we're on the hunt for chairs! Wooden chairs! ...Odd chairs! Sturdy chairs! Do you have an odd wooden chair at home that has been secretly yearning for a life outside your four walls?? We would like to adopt said chair! AND, don't think that chair will just walk away and never look back.....your name will adorn it! We will burn/engrave your name into it as a thank you and dedication! So let's do this! Become a Chairperson of the cafe.
As a disclaimer.....we reserve the right to possibly paint and alter your chair, and there's no take backsy..s. Unless, ok, like if your grandmother finds out and it was the only memory left of cousin Roger and you totally should have had her permission before gifting a chair but neglected to get it, then we can talk. We're not heartless. No one wants that Thanksgiving awkwardness for you.
So send us a private message! We'll pick it up!
(and thanks Lucy for the chair pun ;) )
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User (24/08/2018 19:09)
Don’t you just love teaching your kids how to play your favourite games?? #usurped #destroyed #azul

User (23/08/2018 00:46)
On Wednesdays we Clank. #clank #familygameday

User (22/08/2018 01:34)
This lovely little Kickstarter arrived and we can’t wait to move him and the rest of his pals to our “end of the trail” soon!!(I’m talking about the new location. See what I did there?) #ourforeverhome #moredetailssoon #ipromise #endofthetrail

User (11/08/2018 19:54)
#diceheist at our favourite breakfast place! #localdesigner #breakfastandboardgames #pocketgames #caskandkettle

User (07/08/2018 09:04)
Finally found the chance to play Ringgz, an out-of-print Blue Orange game. Instantly replayable! @blueorangegames #secondhandboardgames #abstractstrategygames

User (02/08/2018 19:06)
For those of you who fell in love with our temporary can be yours as well!

User (01/08/2018 09:04)
Super pumped to announce the winner of the 506 weekend passes are.......... Caitlin O'Brien!!! Wooooohoooo!

User (31/07/2018 17:33)
Hello friends. Susan here. We have suffered quite a set-back at our new location and it's going to take quite awhile to get rebuilt, moved and set-up. We are working as hard as we can, but sometimes insane things happen that are out of our control. We appreciate your patience. We even appreciate your impatience because we feel like it's a business and community worth fighting for. Tonight will be our last pop-up at the Wheelhouse for awhile. The Wheelhouse has been incredibl...e, but our time, energy and manpower needs to be put towards getting us into our new home on Prince William, which realistically might be next year sometime. We will keep trying to find ways to be there for you and hopefully help our community in the meantime. For those of you who have been patiently awaiting (/speculating/wagering/being seemingly driven mad) the announcement of the new location, we will at least be releasing the address before the end of the year. Thank you all so much for hanging in there with us, and we are truly sorry the ride has gotten longer.
Join us tonight for Trivia by the lovely Heather and our big draw for 2 weekend passes to 506!
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User (26/07/2018 20:29)
Well, this is a great fun on a rainy day! #rhinoherosuperbattle #familygames #dexteritygames

User (26/07/2018 19:57)
Beginning Tuesday, July 31st our Wheelhouse Pop-ups will now feature a little pop-up shop as well! We are still ordering new games all the time (because we were never going to stop anyway). Wanna see something specific there? Let us know so we can order/bring it! Also, just a reminder that our debit is still down until we open in our permanent digs, so only cash, credit cards or gift cards are doable at this time.…/prod uc…/wheelhouse-pop-up

User (24/07/2018 23:22)
Whoop whoop!!!

User (20/07/2018 20:00)
Next Trivia Tuesday's theme is All About Animals! 🐾 Everything from real animal facts to famous or fictional animals in pop culture! Next Tuesday, July 24th 7-9pm at the The Wheelhouse of Waterloo Village. 🐕🐈🐎🐟🐍🦆🦄✨ Prepay for your cover online before 6pm that day for the discounted rate + entry into our Area 506 draw. Check our event page for more info: 846994/

User (20/07/2018 05:40)
Bamboleo-ception! #bamboleo #boardgamepopup #hesouttacontrol

User (18/07/2018 18:05)
We have always been pretty passionate about recycling and composting at Offline. This is a great resource to help us keep our recycling programs running smoothly. It’s important to find out in your area which plastics are actually recyclable and it doesn’t hurt to ask when you travel as well. Those recycling numbers and materials change place-to-place depending on a city’s processing abilities.

User (18/07/2018 02:49)
Hey everyone, just a heads up, the service we run our website and payments through is currently experiencing an outage. 😦 Tonight's Trivia Tuesday it is still on though! Just be sure to bring cash as the outage is affecting credit, etc. You can let us know you're coming through Facebook message and we'll do our best to save your spot! So sorry for any inconvenience.

User (14/07/2018 16:41)
You guys......

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