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412 Pine Creek Rd Unit 100, De Winton, AB T0L 0X0

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  • Anynomous
    02 September 2017

    Terrible service and staff are very rude. Had multiple problems, the car wash would take my change but never activated the water so when I went in to complain they never reinbursed me the money. Today i went to get a package that was sent there and the oriental father kept giving me attitude saying it wasnt there when ups told me it was. He kept slamming his hands on the counter and speaking unprofessionally. I told him I didnt appreciate the attitude. I came in a 2nd time after ups confirming again that my package was there and he went on to give me more attitude. I told him i would never stop here for a car wash or food ever again and he didnt seem to care. I live down the street but i will drive into the city for any gas station needs. I absoletly refuse to shop here ever again. DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!

  • Anynomous
    28 December 2016

    This car wash works really well. They have several self serve bays plus an automatic touch less car wash. The only bad part is they ask you to use 2 bucks to start the car wash, so if you have to advance one bay to make room for someone to come in behind you to be polite you end up wasting a few bucks as a result for no good reason. In discussions with the owner he indicated his reasons for this and he was very silly about why. I recommend to not let the coin machine time out and not advance to the next bay as both these things cost you extra cash. Other wise its well maintained and works good.