The Sugar Industry Research and Development Institute (SIRDI) is an organization established by the Sugar Industry ACT of 2001. The Institute is administered by a "Board of Directors" composed of members appointed by the Minister. The mandate of the SIRDI is well defined in the objectives of the institute under the Sugar Act (2001) and includes the following: research, develop and adopt technological innovations and production options for the benefit of the industry. Establish norms and standards and provide technical services to the Sugarcane Production Committee (SCPC) for determining sugarcane quality. SIRDI and the SCPC both fall under the umbrella of the Sugar Industry Control Board (SICB).The sugar sector through its policy making body the SICB has identified lack of information, as the basis for decision and also negotiations, which contributes to many of its problems. The lack of confidence of farmers that their crop will be harvested is due to poor information on expected production levels. The problems related to cane quality and inefficient harvesting can only be improved by designing new systems that are based on knowledge of the particular social and environmental conditions under which cane is produced, harvested and processed in Belize.

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