Young Europeans for Peace

Vidin, Bulgaria
Place Types : Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Nonprofit Organization, Public & Government Service
Address : Tsar Simeon Veliki School, 6, Targovska Str., 3700 Vidine, Vidin, Bulgaria
Coordinate : 43.98586, 22.8759
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About the Business:

We are an informal group of students and teachers, members of the European club to Tsar Simeon Veliki School, Vidin, Bulgaria. Members of NABEK.

What Others Say about this business:

User (17/04/2019 17:33)
Евроклуб YEP е един от клубовете с първо място в една от категориите на състезанието за плакат за предстоящите Евроизбори 2019г. Беатрис Андреева от 10а, заедно с класираните на първо място ученици в другите категории, посети като награда Европейския парламент в Брюксел. Групата бе ръководена от г-жа Красимира Василева - председател на НАБЕК. Спонсор и патрон на състезанието бе евродепутата Андрей Ковачев.

User (13/02/2019 05:43)
Разпространение на резултатите по проект European Detective Анатоли и Даниел от 10б клас влязоха в ролята на Шерлок Холмс и д-р Уотсън и помогнаха на ученици от 8 клас да разгадаят загадката на Escape room. Играта бе създадена съвместно с другите участници от Полша и Литва по време на младежката мобилност, състояла се от 18-24 ноември в Поронин, Полша.

User (13/02/2019 04:42)
Erasmus+ Youth - One Great Opportunity for Students in High school The European club YEP is one of the clubs at Tsar Simeon Veliki School. We believe that young people have to be active citizens and they hold their future in their own hands. The Erasmus+ projects under the KA101 help the students to meet other students from EU countries, to learn how to work in a team, how to collaborate and to work on different tasks. "Learning by doing" is a very old slogan and the non-form...
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User (22/12/2018 19:30)
The movie created by The BG participants during the workshop in Brilon. Erasmus+ project Stand By Me. UI&

User (22/12/2018 06:25)
Erasmus+, Youth project

User (22/12/2018 06:24)
Erasmus+, Youth project

User (22/12/2018 06:24)
Erasmus+, Youth project

User (22/12/2018 06:23)
Erasmus+ project

User (17/08/2018 02:29)
Erasmus+KA1 Youth TC in Germany - 7-15.08.2018

User (01/08/2018 04:23)

User (16/05/2018 16:45)
11 май - представяне на Евроклуб YEP по време на фестивала Научно торнадо.

User (16/05/2018 16:34)
Нов конкурс, нови интересни възможности! :) est2018/

User (19/01/2018 14:38)
YEP members, participants in Erasmus+KA1 Youth project in Germany

User (03/11/2017 05:56)
Годишна среща на европейските клубове в България
На 2 и 3 ноември в хотел РИУ "Правец" се проведе годишната среща на НАБЕК.

User (27/10/2017 20:13)
Erasmus+Youth project EUROTRIP
From 16th to 23rd of October 2017 two teachers and 10 students of Tsar Simeon Veliki Seconadary School and representatives of youth group - Young Europeans for Peace took part in the youth exchange "Eurotrip" supported by Erasmus + Programme and organized by Fundacja Aktywni w Europie (Sosnowiec, Poland).
The youth exchange took place in Poronin (Poland), beautiful, small village next to Zakopane. 30 young people and 6 leaders from Bulgaria, Pol...and and Italy met together to collaborate, work in international team, gain new knowledge, make new friends and what is the most important – to carry out the schedule of Eurotrip.
Our project was a combination of passion of traveling and European topics (European Union, its history, mechanisms, European institutions and how they work).
The aim of the project was to gain new knowledge and skills related with main topic – European Union, its history, mechanisms of functioning and European institutions and to become a citizen and European who is aware of European reality. As a young people, whose passion is traveling, we have decided to expand our European topics and to gain also a knowledge about places, related with the EU and their material culture.
The exchange program was very tight – we have organized a lot of activities, thematic workshops related to the main topics. We participated in a meeting in the Siemacha Association and we took part in city games in Zakopane and in Krakow.
During the 8 days of our youth exchange, we learned a lot about our cultures and local cultur. We expanded our knowledge related to European topics and made new friends. For some of us it was first experience of working in international group.
We think we achieved all of our aims. Project Eurotrip was a great experience for all of us and unforgettable adventure.
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User (28/09/2017 20:44)
28 September. Meeting with Ms. Monika Panayotova . The main topic was Bulgarian EU Presidency in 2018.

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