XyLap is The Marketplace for transportation services. This online networking platform gives you the freedom to offer and negotiate with whomever you wish and under conditions that suit you.Have an item to move? Tell us about it and we will send it to all transport providers we have on file, so they could send you offers. Get the best offer for your job --- quick and easy!Courier? Mover? Biker? Pedestrian? Anything works. As long as you can provide transportation service, you are welcome. Register and start bidding and building a star-reaching rating!And it doesn't matter if you are a private or business user. You can both search and offer logistic services for standard shipments and non-standard loads in Bulgaria and abroad. What makes XyLap so special?Here is a fine and dandy combo of reason:-- Free-market philosophy.-- Flexible financial policy.-- Rich opportunities.-- Simple, intuitive and modern interface.-- Without mediation.-- Development potential in number of directions: transport of non-standard loads, transport of animals, organization of transport for its users and others.

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Улица Ген. Йосиф В. Гурко, Sofia, Sofia City Province
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