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Address : Полковник Кантили 3, 3900 Belogradchik
Coordinate : 43.6251412369, 22.6832485199
Phone : +359896723675
Email :
Social : facebook.com/340533659644452
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Website : magnaaura.wordpress.com/in-english
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Tours de Belogradchik?

    Tours de Belogradchik is located at: Полковник Кантили 3, 3900 Belogradchik.

  • What is the phone number of Tours de Belogradchik?

    You can try to dialing this number: +359896723675 - or find more information on their website: magnaaura.wordpress.com/in-english

  • Where are the coordinates of the Tours de Belogradchik?

    Latitude: 43.6251412369
    Longitude: 22.6832485199

About the Business:

Tracks, trails, hiking, visiting of interesting places and photohunting along the phenomenon of Belogradchik rocks


This page serves to show you all the reasons a person would visit Belogradchik for. Here you can find all interesting places around.
Though this page I want to asure you that there is enough to be seen, heard and done here for five days.

What Other Say:

User (05/04/2017 15:25)
To the visitors of Belogradchik I recommend two versions of a short and very pleasant alternative walk depending on how much energy and time they have. The final destination of both versions is the same – The Rock of The Goddess-Mother which was given this name because of its close similarity to the prehistoric paintings of The Goddess-Mother in Magura cave. This walk is very appropriate for everyone who has already visited the fortress and Magura cave and is now wondering wh...
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User (17/11/2016 13:51)
The Fortress of Belogradchik is one of the most famous places here and, coming for the first time, one must see it as its is one of our major tourist attactions. The fortress is located on the highest of all Belogradchik rocks. Its history started as a Thracian sanctuary and later on the place was used to construct a fortification. The fortification went under a number of later upgrades and now it is the best preserved fortress in Bulgaria. The highest part of the fortess allows for amazing 360 degrees panoramas to many of Belogradchik rocks. The Fortress can be included in various touring programs.

User (15/11/2016 15:48)
This album contains pictures of various artificial cuttings along Belogradchik rocks which spread on the territory of 80 sq. km. Not all of the cuttings are strictly ritual as some of them are related to astronomical observations but all of them belong to ancient sanctuaries of the region. This is because the sanctuaries used to do both ritual and scientific work. Therefore I prefer to call these cuttings sanctuary. There are various types of them: - circular ritual cisterns;... - womb-shaped rituan cisterns; - numeroud round cutting representing stars and constellations; - lines with various shapes some of which served as foundations for buildings; - astrolabias and various petroglyphs; - human shapes; - sights; - artificiel caves; - eyes; - monuments; other.
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User (15/11/2016 14:26)
The author of this page is https://www.facebook.com/kiril.k.kiko This is also the person who can take you to all the places shown in this page. Kiril Kirilov is a local explorer and teller, sometimes even said to be a lacol guide. Eng. Kiril Kirilov is known for his researches on the theme of Magura cave symbols, ritual places along Belogradchik rocks and ancient astronomical sites. Most of his researches and publications can be found on this page, on his personal page and at his blog www.magnaaura.wordpress.com.

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