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Address : 6351 Aleksandrovo, Khaskovo, Bulgaria
Coordinate : 41.9819246493, 25.7384080628
Phone : + 359 38 666 444
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Parking : lot
Rating : 5.00
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Thracian tomb of Aleksandrovo?

    Thracian tomb of Aleksandrovo is located at: 6351 Aleksandrovo, Khaskovo, Bulgaria.

  • What is the phone number of Thracian tomb of Aleksandrovo?

    You can try to dialing this number: + 359 38 666 444

  • Where are the coordinates of the Thracian tomb of Aleksandrovo?

    Latitude: 41.9819246493
    Longitude: 25.7384080628


The Aleksandrovo tomb is a Thracian burial mound and tomb excavated near Aleksandrovo, Haskovo Province, South-Eastern Bulgaria, dated to c. 4th century BCE.On December 17, 2000 the tomb was accidentally uncovered by an earth-moving machine. Looters subsequently entered the tomb, damaging some of its frescoes. In 2001 Bulgarian archaeologist Georgi Kitov led a rescue excavation of the tomb, discovering a round chamber of about 3m in diameter, accessible through a small antechamber and a tunnel, approximately 6m long. Both the antechamber and main chamber are decorated with well-preserved frescoes that reflect the artist's knowledge of Late Classical and Early Hellenistic art. The fresco in the main chamber depicts a hunting scene where a boar is attacked by a mounted hunter and a naked man wielding a double-axe. The double-axe is interpreted as representing royal power, the naked man as representing Zalmoxis, the Thracian solar god corresponding to Zeus.A graffito in the chamber inscribed with the Thracian name Kozemases indicates either the tomb's noble patron or its artist.The Thracian tomb of Alexandrovo is dated at early 4th century BC. Wall paintings exhibit the change in appearance due to Greek influence. In the wall-paintings beards, tattoos, cloaks, boots, hats, top-knots have disappeared. Greek footwear replaces their boots. The tomb may be that of Triballi.

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