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Place Types : City, Government Organization, Landmark & Historical Place
Address : Novo Selo, Bulgaria
Coordinate : 44.13333333, 22.78333333
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Rating : 5.00
Social : facebook.com/108157445934186
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Website : obshtina-novoselo.com
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Novo Selo Municipality, Bulgaria?

    Novo Selo Municipality, Bulgaria is located at: Novo Selo, Bulgaria.

  • What is the phone number of Novo Selo Municipality, Bulgaria?

    You can try to find more information on their website: obshtina-novoselo.com

  • Where are the coordinates of the Novo Selo Municipality, Bulgaria?

    Latitude: 44.13333333
    Longitude: 22.78333333


Novo Selo Municipality is a frontier municipality in Vidin Province, Northwestern Bulgaria, located along the right bank of Danube river in the Danubian Plain. It is named after its administrative centre - the village of Novo Selo. The area borders on Romania beyond the Danube to the north.The municipality embraces a territory of 109.5 km² with a population of 2,979 inhabitants, as of the April 2011 census.SettlementsNovo Selo Municipality includes the following 5 places all of them villages:DemographyThe following table shows the change of the population during the last four decades.Ethnic compositionAccording to the 2011 census, among those who answered the optional question on ethnic identification (in total 2970), the ethnic composition of the municipality was the following:

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