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Coordinate : 43.7958803357, 25.9606933594
Phone : +447517133856
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Rating : 5.00
Social : facebook.com/bulgarianrawhoney
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Website : www.bulgarianrawhoney.com
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • What is the phone number of Bulgarian Raw Honey?

    You can try to dialing this number: +447517133856 - or find more information on their website: www.bulgarianrawhoney.com

  • Where are the coordinates of the Bulgarian Raw Honey?

    Latitude: 43.7958803357
    Longitude: 25.9606933594

About the Business:

We are a local artisan house aimed at providing a premium product of an unsurpassed quality – 100% pure, raw and natural local honey.


Bulgarian Raw Honey was born from our love for the incredibly delicious Bulgarian raw honey which has unique health and nourishing benefits. We are a local artisan house aimed at providing a premium product of an unsurpassed quality – 100% pure, raw and natural local honey directly from the beehive to your kitchen.

It is our belief that every household should have an easy access to all-natural honey straight from the hive. That’s why our pure raw honey is locally sourced and locally produced by small family run bee farms where bees are treated with respect. The old style beekeepers we take our honey from are passing their craft from generation to generation. They rely only on traditional and natural treatments – their bees are ever treated with antibiotics, hormones or non-natural chemicals.

With its diverse flora, abundance of sunshine and mild climate, Bulgaria hides in its heart some unique virgin natural spots. The bees producing our wildflower honey freely forage on local wild flowers, herbs and blossoms grown in some of the purest rural regions of Bulgaria. It is harvested away from industry, motorways, crops treated with pesticides and herbicides, and other sources of pollution.

What makes us different is our willingness to always be open with our customers. Your jar of organic raw honey can be traced back to the exact area it comes from as well as the particular family-owned apiary that produced it. With every jar of 100% pure honey coming straight from the bees, you give your family a totally unprocessed whole food – just as Mother Nature intended. At the same time, with every jar you purchase, you contribute to the sustainable development of the small-scale beekeeper in charge of its production.

We are not a faceless corporation pursuing mass production, huge profits, and a spot on the supermarket shelf. Our honey is carefully hand-crafted with organic ingredients from small local apiaries and is packed by hand in glass jars that preserve its unique nutrient qualities and utterly extraordinary taste. Bulgarian Raw Honey is unfiltered, unprocessed, and unpasteurized.

With no additives and no artificial flavoring or coloring, all you get is the best pure raw honey of the finest quality. It will forever win your heart with its opulent full-bodied sweetness, gentle heavenly flavor, and creamy buttery consistency. It’s the gluten-free non-GMO superfood any household should have on their kitchen shelf.

Let’s face it – we are today more than ever pressed to follow unhealthy modern lifestyle patterns in a terribly polluted world. Stress, lack of physical activity, excess exposure to toxins and chemicals, processed foods, and abusive use of pharmaceuticals make it so hard for us to live the healthy life we deserve. Bulgarian Raw Honey is a 100% natural product with proven health benefits that can get directly from the honeybee to your kitchen with only one click.

Once you taste our golden gift of nature, you will never again reach for the chemically-processed honey on the supermarket shelf. To be sure your family always has pure raw natural honey to sweeten their day, don’t hesitate to avail of our subscription packages. You are only a click away from providing your loved ones with a daily dose of the finest quality raw honey you can find in Europe.

Bee smart. Get your jar of Bulgarian Raw Honey now!

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