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Address : 2420 Netrakona, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Coordinate : 25.1194645719, 90.6765741531
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Parking : lot, street
Rating : 4.30
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About The Business:

Discover the hidden beauty of our beautiful Bangladesh.


Birisiri (বিরিশিরি), the name of awesome landscape, cliff area covered with green leafs, blue water of Somessory river, little beach, Susong Royal palace, Indian border, Indeginous people with their traditional cultural academy and so many other things. It is 182 km far from Dhaka city, a true natural beauty of forest, river, hills and the area where the Garo People(an Indegenous group of Bangladesh and India) and other indegenious peoplel live. You can also enjoy boating on the river. You could attacked by Wild Elephant. Don't worry itz nt happen often. But trip to Birisiri (বিরিশিরি) is a real troublesome for the tourists due to the location and communication problem in this area. If you want my suggestion, I would recomend to make a plan during winter season. It's awesome in a word in winter: -)

Birisiri (বিরিশিরি) is located in the northern part of our country (Bangladesh). This is an unknown tourist event in Bangladesh(বাংলাদেশ). A very beautiful river 'Somessory', flowing down to south of Birisiri (বিরিশিরি). This is such a river which flowing from India( meghalaya).

We wanna introduce our Birisiri (বিরিশিরি) to the entire world. This is just one kinda trying to introduce Birisiri by this group. There's lot of people living out side and must abroad of Birisiri . So this could be a constant effort to connect with Birisiri (বিরিশিরি). It makes us closer to Birisiri (বিরিশিরি). If you wanna travel and also know about Birisiri (বিরিশিরি) you are most welcome : -)

Well Do you want to go to Birisiri ?
Dhaka to Birisiri (বিরিশিরি)
You must go to Mohakhali Bus-station.
when you'd get there 'Mohakhali Bus-station' just ask any one where is the Birisiri Buss Ticket counter. They must show you up. Then go to the ticket counter and get a ticket. If you get the ticket, then you are now ready to go Birisiri. Just wait few minutes for the buss driver. Few minutes later Bus would bound to aim. You must cross Mymensingh on the way. You would get 5-10 minutes break to take some refreshment there(Mymensingh). Its time to resume. Yes you would got reached Birisiri (বিরিশিরি) after 2: 50 hours later.

Hotel /Guest Houses:
There are two well known guest houses in Birisiri (বিরিশিরি). Those are YWCA and YMCA Guest house. But YWCA is better than YMCA guest house. There's some private guest houses as well. Once you go there just ask anyone about guest house when you'll get down from the buss. They will give you right information even help you to find the guest house because peoples are very helpful there. So don't worry about this if you have plan to be there.

It is important to know What you could see if you being there. If you are a Bangladeshi you must know that there are many indeginous /tribe people in our country. They lives in different parts of our country. Birisiri (বিরিশিরি) is such kind of place. But you can find only two type of indegenous people with their traditional culture at Birisiri (বিরিশিরি). They are called "GARO" and "HAJONG". A huge number of Garo people lives in Birisiri. But Hajong peoples are lower than Garo in population. There are a BAZAR (বাজার) in Birisiri (exactly in it is called ``UTRAIL BAZAR``) which is called "GARO-BAZAR(গারো-বাজার)". There are a cultural Academy for those Indegenous people. There are a non-government PTI ( Primary Teachers Training) in our Birisiri (বিরিশিরি). Not even this you can watch beautiful hilltrack scenery, Somessory river, Indian Border, BDR& BSF camp, Hajong movement monument, GBC Church, Rain tree which is standing from British gov. , SagorDighi (one of the local historical place), Susong Rajbari and more& more. Somessory river is famous for its "Lacho Fish" if you are lucky you could be experience the taste. Even you can taste also our Garo chu (-OH, Alcohol) going there. You can spend some of your times going to Birisiri. So you are most welcome in
our Birisiri.

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Shahid Rashimoni Smritisoudho

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china clay

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China clay...

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http://www.banglanews24.com/tourism/news/ bd/608597.details

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Twilight at the bank of Someswary river....

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EID Mubarak Travelers!!!

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The natural beauty... Photo credit: Lincoln Lawrence Rongma

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China Clay... Photo Credit: Nikseng Ghagra‎

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Photo credit: Hadiul Alam Hizol

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Photo Credit: Md Ekramul Haq Sayem

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Photo Credit: Leo Pritam‎

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View of china clay... Photo Credit: Sheikh Nayef

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চীনা মাটির পাহাড়, যেটা বিরিশিরি নামেই অধিক পরিচিত । গতকাল এমনই ছিল তার রুপ, ১% ও এডিট করা হয়নাই এই ছবিটা, মোবাইলের ক্যামেরায় তোলা !
কিছু জরুরী আপডেটঃ ঢাকা থেকে সরাসরি দুর্গাপুর যাওয়া যায়না এখন, জারিয়া নামক স্থানে ব্রীজ ভেঙ্গে গেছে । আপনাকে নেত্রকোনা হয়ে অথবা ময়মংসিহের ধোবাউডা হয়ে যেতে হবে । আমি নেত্রকোনা হয়ে গিয়েছি আর আসার সময় ধোবাউডা হয়ে এসেছি, দুইটা পথ সম্পর্কেই ধারণা নিয়ে আসলাম ।
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গোধূলি লগ্নে সোমেশ্বরী... Photo Credit: Rabbï Adnan

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