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5 Free Google Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

5 Free Google Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

It's expensive to start a business. You need to build a website, hire an agency for branding, and invest in tools to help you "hit the ground running."

You also need office space, supplies, and most importantly, good talent. If you're new to entrepreneurship, all the expenses can make you panic. But don't despair because many free tools exist to help you run your business without spending a dime.

Here are five free Google tools every entrepreneur should be using.

  1. Google Digital Garage

    Google Digital Garage is the source of free online courses. Most of these courses-related to career development, digital marketing, and data and technology-have received approval from prestigious organizations, prominent entrepreneurs, and industry experts.

    Business owners and managerial teams can greatly benefit from Google Digital Garage. Employees can also enhance their professional skills using this free Google tool.

  2. Google My Business

    Google My Business helps you create a profile for your business-complete with basic information, logos, images, and customer reviews. A great business profile helps prospects and existing customers learn more about your business.

    Google My Business is a freely available personalized tool from Google that creates awareness for brands. It makes interacting and connecting with customers easy.

    But to significantly improve your company's image, you need to hire a branding agency-and this comes at a cost. 1-800-Car-Title, a top online lender that offers title loan refinance, says branding allows it to build relationships with its audience, turning them into loyal customers. Create a brand that people love by focusing on their needs and showing them how they'll benefit.

  3. Google for Retail

    If you're an online retailer, Google for Retail is the perfect tool for you. It makes engaging with customers, increasing revenue, and building a brand effortless. Google for Retail suggests solutions and the tools you need to achieve business goals. This feature makes the tool most ideal for businesses.

    For example, if you want to boost your sales, Google for Retail may recommend smart shopping campaigns, local inventory ads, and free local product listings. The best part? It also integrates with YouTube, Google Maps, Google Assistant, and Google Search to help your business reach millions of online shoppers daily.

  4. Google Drive

    Businesses can greatly benefit from using Google Drive-a useful Google application that provides secure access to your (most essential) files and documents. Google Drive allows you to create, share, and save content on multiple devices. It's a cloud-based app that offers cloud storage for work and home data. This Google tool integrates with other cloud-native applications such as Google Sheets and Google Docs to enhance your team's collaborative efforts.

  5. Google Forms

    If your business constantly creates different types of surveys, use Google Forms. This Google tool collects email addresses, creates customer surveys, and also tracks event registrations on behalf of your business.

    What tips the scale in the tool's favor? Businesses can choose from many themes and colors to help personalize their survey forms based on company images and logos.

    Google Form surveys are easy to create, edit, and to respond to on smart devices. But most importantly, businesses can analyze and organize responses into charts and graphs.

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