Managing and processing fee from refund is getting complicated due to its KYC and audit requirements. While outsourcing these tasks has always been the way, it has its own limitations and challenges. TrustEasy brings a perfect solution to this unique problem. An advanced statutory trust management software made for accountants, TrustEasy streamlines and eliminates the risks involved in managing “fee from refund” from your statutory trust account. Many accounting firms don’t realise that they may be breaching the audit requirements by outsourcing it or by not reconciling the bank accounts on time or by not using a software designed to manage specifically the trust account.
Besides, TrustEasy enables the accounting firms to meet the KYC requirements as suggested by the ATO and Tax Practitioners Boards. Getting automatic bank feeds for reconciliation has never been easy. Unlike most known statutory trust management software, TrustEasy comes with features like automatic bank feeds, POI compliance for KYC recommended by the TPB, standard Authority Letter, Automatic Receipts, and reports for Auditors.
When you subscribe to TrustEasy, you get the following:
Management of Fee From Refund and the Statutory Trust Account
Ability to meet Know Your Client (KYC) requirements suggested by the ATO and TPB
Automatic Bank Feeds for Bank Reconciliation
Hundreds of Accounts for accounting and reporting purposes
Integration with Salesforce (Accountant Cloud),
One by and one and Bulk reconciliation by uploading the lodgement report from the Tax software and the ATO EFT reconciliation report in given templates
Generate .aba files for your fees along with clients’ net refund to upload
Audit Trail
Unlimited Email Support
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